Nov 15, 2017


What can go wrong with accepting an invitation for lunch? I mean, for us, humans. We had been invited for a fabulous lunch over at my aunt's residence. We had just started eagerly stepping out of the house attending some courtesy and personal calls after all the illnesses, while still settling down in this new house.

My aunt is a wonderful chef. The lunch and the following family get together was wonderful. Post that we stopped over at my sister in law's house to meet the family there and get some exercise into our kids, with their cousins. The day had been great.

We returned home, and while unlocking the front door, I felt that something was not quite right! The telltale plantain peal and a couple of peanut shells, right next to our gate were unmissable. My mind went to those numerous times my mother had taught me to avoid stepping on these kind of items on the road, lest they carry some mantras for bad luck, thrown by desperate persons, so that their own bad lucks could be transferred to another person, with whom he may not be concerned.

However, the items on the floor were too unimpressive to be used for witchcraft. I realized then, that we had been Goldilocked!!! By monkeys! I called Hubby to leave the kids in the car, come inside the house and check if there was still any monkey stuck in the house. What if one of them had chosen to try out our beds, and fell asleep there itself...(?) and what if it is T's or S's bed?! After Hubby declared that the coast was clear, I got the kids and myself in.

With the kids put comfortably on their beds, we both took stock of all items that had been misplaced while the party was on. A couple plantains, 4 pears and a good load of peanuts had been consumed and carried away. A few slices of bread had been touched too. We swept the floor and disinfected the counter tops, though we couldn't help admiring the fact that the monkeys had not knocked down anything else. All glass and ceramics had been spared, the taps had not been opened and even chocolates had been untouched. But of course, monkeys are smart not to foray into junk food trucks..

(S loves this spread that I drew. He just loves seeing each monkey for what he is doing. I drew one of these with a bottle in his hand, and whenever he sees this, I have to answer about where he must have gotten the bottle from, since we don't consume beer or any other thing that would require a bottle)


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