Jun 11, 2018

Sighin' I (by) Coz I = Tan'd I


It's been two weeks now, after my trip to Coorg and Sakleshpur. While we were there, we didn't really go for a lot of trek since we were two families with four kids between the ages of 9y and 6y. With whatever outdoors we had scheduled, by the time I returned back home to Bengaluru, I had started resembling a zebra (yeah, more appropriate for my horse-face).

My skin has finally come back to a nearly single shade of my original wheatish tone. But on the morning after my trip from Coorg and Sakleshpur, I looked pretty much like this. Yes, this despite the fact that we trekked a teeny bit, and after having my blood sucked by leaches a couple of times I made sure to cover up right to my toes with a newly purchased set of socks. I looked pretty striped with neat borders.

I have never before seen a person with so many colours on his personal skin! 

What's with the Math equation?
Well, read that
Sighin'I (by why) Coz I = Tan'd I