Jan 29, 2011

My Paints

My paint box
This is my Winsor Newton pan paint set...

Jan 27, 2011

Partners in Time..

Partners in Time
Today Manu and I are celebrating 5 years of Time-travelling together... This day, that year, we took our vows of togetherness..

Happy Anniversary to you Sweetheart!!!

Jan 26, 2011

500 Faces - More faces

Random celebrity - Kunal Kapoor
Well, I'll start with the Random celebrity caricature that I did last year, in Oct.. This one's of a bollywood actor.. Just to see if I make them well too.. I mean, how many people are actually going to identify the faces in my 500 Faces...?
A Friend
And then, this one is my actual 500 faces caricature.. She is a friend of mine; wasn't sure if she wanted to be identified with the picture, so I am just going to leave this one nameless.. I know who she is, and that should be enough I guess...

Cheers!! :)

Jan 24, 2011


This year, so far I have just been putting up my journal entries.. This is from my Jan01 page. I thought I'd wait till I fill in the paints.. but anyway uploading the penned one..

Jan 22, 2011

Fish Tank

Our Fish Tank

One of my Platies is not feeling too well.. He had a swollen eye, which looked like it'll pop out.. We changed the water yesterday and today he looks better - has been travelling and eating better today. Hope he gets well by the next couple days...

Jan 21, 2011

Blind Contour Friday # 6, 7 and 8!!

I hadn't been able to upload the Blind Contour drawings that I made the last couple of weeks... Once I was away from home, and the other time, I just missed out on posting it! So here is my combination BCF entries!

Blind Contour Friday - 1
Last week

I tried drawing Tanush's soft toy dog, who hangs from the handle of one of our shelves...

Blind Contour Friday - 3
Entry for Jan 7th

This is Manu again...

500 Faces - Keerthi

Caricature - Keerthi
Caricature time!! Yeah, I didn't forget my 'mini' project!! I had a few pending uploads from my previous batch of caricatures.. Here's Keerthi...

Name: Keerthi
Know her from: Met her as Srinu's wife, and then we were friends.. She is more my friend than Srinu is Manu's...
Know her for: Well, very pleasant personality. Pretty and friendly. It is fun siding with Srinu against her - brings out the best in her.

Jan 19, 2011

Drawing Tanush


Tanush is the most difficult model I can get.. The only time I could draw him completely was when he was watching Go Diego Go.. And then too I had to imagine one foot, or sit elsewhere to get the same angle of the hand once more.. And he gave me 3 poses in that 25 mins of the show!!!

He kept coming to see what I have drawn, and even got his own pen, so that he could scribble on my sketchbook.. He wasn't happy with the paper he had lol...

Jan 18, 2011

Sau Mama and Mr. Potatohead

Sau Mama and Potato head

A lounge sketch... Tanush used to be scared of the Potatohead and so we had placed it near our Fish Tank... Now he is cool with him around too... Need to find a new scary toy to keep him off the fish..

Jan 16, 2011


Hah! Talk about getting inspired from the most mundane and uninteresting objects around you.. and the dullest of feelings.. :) This brightened my day when I drew and colored it.. 

Jan 12, 2011

A sick start to the new year

Journal page - Jan 03
All these days I have only been able to draw in my journal. I have a commissioned assignment that I need to finish and give away, but haven't gotten around it till now.. Will start today I guess..
Meanwhile enjoy my journal entries!! 

Jan 11, 2011

A Page from my Journal

Jan 02
Just trying to make sure that I draw everyday - at least in my journal if I dont feel inspired to draw elsewhere... 

Tanush was excited that he could see his uncle after so long - on Skype..

Jan 10, 2011

Takata Office - Auburn Hills

Construction - Auburn Hills
31st December, on our way back from, Great Lakes Outlets I guess.. Yes, that was when we went to grab a coffee from Tim Hortens and then, since Tanush was already asleep, we decided to just park and drink our coffees... Manu sat and read his book, while I sketched this office that was in front of me... 

Jan 7, 2011


Camera - 2

Drawn while lounging on my couch... Trying to make sense out of what Manu was talking on the phone with our friend... No, I wasn't evesdropping ;) LOL

Camera - 1

Happy New YeaR :)

Wishing all of you visitors a very happy and prosperous new year.. 
I am starting the year with my final contributions to the Inception - Design the Comic Book Cover contest..





Yeah I drew the faces and then Manu helped photoshop it onto the different backgrounds (which also we made) and set things up.. My favourite ones are the first and the last one.. I should have drawn them in different poses, but I drew them straight for a different layout; which when we assembled together, didn't work out well.. So we made these other layouts. Due to lack of time, I used the straight posed pictures itself..

I have a small list of things I have to finish - that are actually backlogs of last year, but I'll keep coming back to that now and then... 
I hope everyone had a lovely start to their new year....