Sep 27, 2009

Traffic Signal Scribbles

They deserve to be called scribbles, because that;s what they are! I drew one item on each Red-Signal stop..
And while coming back from my friend's house, we had stopped at Dunkin Donuts, where Manu got down to buy himself a coffee, and me a sandwich.. While I was inside the car, I captured this view!

Sep 15, 2009

IF - Welcome

As a kid, I was fascinated by stories about Krishna. There was always an element of magic to whatever he did, or wherever he lived. I had listened to his stories numerous times, read a number of story books about him - all telling the same story, but I loved it. One of his stories has a huge snake, that comes to kill him.. And apparently to kill the snake, Krishna walks into the mouth of the snake, grows real huge in size and explodes right there!!

I was so fascinated by that, I imagined how it would be if there was a cave structure that was like a snake - or better, if we could all take a tour inside the snake anatomy!!!!

The stages:
This is my entry for Illustration Friday's 'Welcome' theme.

Sep 11, 2009

Can't think of a title for this..

We finally applied for Tanush' passport.. We had been planning about it since quite some time, but due to Manu's real thick schedule, we had not been able to do anything about it.. Now too, we have applied for the faster one (more money; I am so sad :( )

There was this cute little building called 'Catching Fireflies' - supposedly and arts and crafts store.. they have a lovely looking building! So I had to draw that!!

Sep 7, 2009


I drew this by placing the batman model upside down, on the occasion of Disney buying up Marvel characters.. Well, that was quite a challenge! Didn't know that drawing upside down could feel so difficult..!! This one below, is the same pic turned upside down t see if it fits...
Not bad.. what would you say?

Another quick sketch of Tanush

I didn't want to put this up.. but what's the big deal?

A week goes by without color

This week was kind of slow.. Or should I say a little less on color..? Oh no, life was as colorful as usual... What I meant was no colors in my sketches. That's because, I did most of these sketches at midnight, with the lights off..! I couldn't Not-Draw in my sketchbook :)

By the nightstand
drew this while chatting with my parents on phone
Drew this on this Saturday. We had come back from the Passport Office with the job unfinished.
Manu on XBOX 360 - Our trip to India got a go-ahead in his office.. Yahhhoooo!!!