Apr 21, 2011


House, originally uploaded by teshionx.

We cross this house whenever we go to the Best Buy or Kohls near Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall...

Apr 7, 2011

Happy 2 Tanush!

Tanush watching TV
I haven't been coming here much; have I? But I have to today.. 'Cause my li'l angel turns 2 today! So wishing him the best.. Well, they say a lot about Terrible Twos.. I am not sure whether Terrible is the right word. I think it should Tiresome Timerobber Twos!

Or is it just me, with so much stacked up to my daily list!?

Well, I am thinking of adding another item though - I am planning on attending a Life Drawing workshop from this Monday... So pretty soon I guess I'll have to convert this blog into a 18+ blog.. Nah! Maybe I'll just create another blog.. I like this one the way it is!