Mar 16, 2010

Sometimes I surprise myself

I didn't know that I could sketch so well with a 0.5mm Pentel mechanical pencil..

I drew this sometime back as a self-challenge to draw with my left hand.. I gave myself 2 minutes to draw the bottle... And then the same with right... Tell you frankly, I am kind of impressed with my left hand.. I expected real bad drawing...

Mar 3, 2010

Indian Holiday Sketches - Flight

Another sketch in public... This time it was in flight.. Manu was holding Tanush when he slept, so I had my hands free to sketch.. The lady sitting next to Manu tried desperately to peep, but well.. She was too conscious that we would notice her noticing me sketching, and so kept nervously turning back to look ahead (lol I had a nice laugh once we landed, and Manu remarked - 'See, it isn't so scary after all for you to sketch in public; you scare the public away!!')

Finished adding paints, so here it is!!

Mar 2, 2010

The Grand Entrance!!

Tanush has been walking each day with lesser and lesser support from me or granny.. And there are times during the day, when he just wouldn't let us hold him.. But I keep walking behind him nevertheless!!


Yeah.. whatever..!, originally uploaded by teshionx.
Oh, and hubby dear... you are not the only one who feels so.. I haven't met anyone who's thought otherwise!!


Really, this was just a co-incidence.. I haven't ever been comfortable with the idea of
1. Drawing the interiors of a bathroom, and
2. Publishing that..
Reason? Well, the 'ew' factor! But last week I put my reservations aside and drew one!! And guess what? This week's EDM said - 'Draw your shower'! So I am putting this up on my blog too..