Mar 2, 2010


Really, this was just a co-incidence.. I haven't ever been comfortable with the idea of
1. Drawing the interiors of a bathroom, and
2. Publishing that..
Reason? Well, the 'ew' factor! But last week I put my reservations aside and drew one!! And guess what? This week's EDM said - 'Draw your shower'! So I am putting this up on my blog too..


nanke's stuff said...

Sweet little drawing of Tanush, and there's nothing "ew" about your drawing of the shower - well done! nancy

Linisha said...

Thanks Nancy... I am still uncomfy about drawing in the bathroom though.. Singing, yes.. Drawing, nope :) :)

phthaloblu said...

Beautiful sketch. Lovely line work. Well done.

Alex said...

I like it! It's got a lot of details and perspective. It's very clean and nicely done.

Prema said...

Very detailed drawing.. loved it!