Sep 5, 2017

Starting on the Right Foot

Starting on the Right Foot
This time, I've learnt it.. that there's no point in waiting for our days to get better. There's no needs to say things like, "When we get well..." and waiting for sunny days.

Since July, for the third consecutive month, un-wellness has forced its presence on the forefront of our conscious! It's been stomach flu, it's been high fevers, it's been viral infections, body aches, it's been sprains, back aches, it's been mouth ulcers, tonsilitis, regular cold and flu, dermatitis, dengue.. We've been to many places with respect to that!

And now, this. I've again sprained my right foot, even when the foot rigidity due to viral arthritis - is that what it is being called(?) - doesn't seem to be decelerating! Sleepless night!! Unfinished house works! Unscheduled daytimes! And no way of getting back to exercising...

Mar 21, 2017

Creeper in Thrissur


A old one here..
110 gsm sketchbook
Pen and ink


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