Jul 30, 2009

Favorite Toys - EDM # 6

These are Tanush's favorite toys!! All of them go wherever he goes.. And in the morning mom used to arrange them in order against her pillow, where sunrays fell on her bed. They would be on the edge of the cloth on which Tanush would play.

In the order from LHS - Teddy Bear, Flying Donkey, Prayer Doll, Kuruvi and his rattle..

I miss mom :(

Jul 29, 2009

Friend Lion

This guy (the Lion) laughs when we tickle his toes. About a month back, Tanush used to just be amused by his 'Friend Lion'. Now, after he's finished laughing, Tanush pushes him, showes him and 'asks' him to laugh more!

Jul 28, 2009

Tanush sleeping

It was almost totally dark when I drew this.. Mom says you shouldnt take a snap of babies when they are sleeping. I hope drawing them is ok. Especially in the dark. Well, anyway, I ended up disturbing Tanush when I tried to turn the page after drawing this one!!

Jul 27, 2009

Tanush - thumbsucking!!

Well, the journal entry also has gotten scanned.. I drew this when Tanush turned 3 months old, on 7th July. But we had to take him to the Urgent Care clinic where I was getting myself checked for flu. He befriended the nurse there and giggled out loudly for the first time! I had never heard him giggle before..

Almost immediately afterwards, he was down with fever and a bit of cough..
(Pssst.. I think we received the whole not-well thingie from daddy Manu... He was down with bronchiatis the first week; which got translated into Pnumonia by the next week! Poor mom, was totally on her toes with us all..)

Jul 26, 2009

Tanush in his gym

Well, this was the best I could capture him, while he kept playing in his gym. Every once in a while he would look at me, confused as to why would mommy stare at him like this.. But he would immediately get back to playing too - you know, who cares what mommy is up to?!!

So I drew this sketch of his at jet speed.