Jul 31, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

I imagined the scene should have been like this, when my dad answered the doorbell today morning... Prasanna is visiting India after 2 years.. and he decided to give mom and dad (and yeah, the rest of the people there) a pleasant surprise.. He later reported that mom just sat a minute trying to take it all in, and that dad kept hugging him!! 

Jul 29, 2010


I couldn't miss this one... The moment I read that this week's theme for IF was 'Double', the first thing that came to my mind was this scene from the Bollywood blockbuster Amar Akbar Anthony, with Amitabh Bachchan looking into the mirror..

He's just come back after a drunken brawl with a Police Inspector and looks into the mirror and severely rebukes himself - actually his image - for having drunk so much and then picked up a fight with the inspector... My brother and I had loved this scene so so so much, we would have watched it a couple of ten times!! My favorite dialog in the whole set of dialogs was 'Dekh apna thopda aina mein jaakar dekh, kitna maara tere ko, kitna maara..' (Go look at your face in the mirror - look how much he's beaten you, just how much!!!) I loved that he tells his own image to go see itself in the mirror LOL..
And it only gets funnier, when he decides that he's going to medicate his (the image's) wounds, and gets irritated that he (it) moves so much... LOL I can still laugh at the scene!!

This is just watercolors.. on some watercolor paper (some cheap sketchbook that I had bought sometime, that just says 'Watercolor Artist Pad').. The paper measures 5"x7", but my drawing, as usual, is just a proportion of it :( I know there is scope for improvement - but I don't know what needs to be done... What do you say...?

I thought I would share the reference 'image' too here (it was actually a screenshot of a paused scene!!)

(For the scene you can go to Youtube)

Jul 23, 2010


Cereals are breakfast items no...??? Nope! For me, they can be breakfast - snack - dinner - brunch!! This one I had at midnight... Tried out Kellogg's Rice Crispies... The review is right there!!!

Jul 15, 2010

Two more faces for JKPP

Tried some soft caricature... Used Pencil.... Reference photo is here : DGDJ

Hmm, this one.. started again as a a caricature with my favorite device - the pencil... Went on well.. until I decided to try out some pink color... and that looked kind of lame.. then I put in the orange background... that looked kind of fluorescent.. then pink in the face.. now I was sure that it was gone!!! 
For just whatever it was worth I ran a pen on it... And phew.. I am kind of ok with it now! 
Reference photo : Arsaytoma

and another pencil!!
Reference photo : Watkelly

Jul 14, 2010

Dinner at Briti's

Briti is Tanush's friend... Just a month younger than him...

This is a partial photo reference and mostly memory sketch...