Jul 15, 2010

Two more faces for JKPP

Tried some soft caricature... Used Pencil.... Reference photo is here : DGDJ

Hmm, this one.. started again as a a caricature with my favorite device - the pencil... Went on well.. until I decided to try out some pink color... and that looked kind of lame.. then I put in the orange background... that looked kind of fluorescent.. then pink in the face.. now I was sure that it was gone!!! 
For just whatever it was worth I ran a pen on it... And phew.. I am kind of ok with it now! 
Reference photo : Arsaytoma

and another pencil!!
Reference photo : Watkelly


Sandra said...

It works! Adding the pen work nicely defined the features.

Dan Kent said...

You are getting some really good likenesses here!

Alex said...

Very good portraits! I really like them =)

raena said...

Great job on these! As for the one in pinks, I like it just fine, but you could always do a glaze to change it if you don't like the color!

Anais said...

Good work!

Shalini said...

Thanks all... :)