Feb 23, 2010

Midnight meal

I am back!! After a nice long vacation to India, I am back in MI..Tanush and I are still taking our time settling down.. With Tanush still trying to adjust to the new time zone, there isn't much I can do about my jet lag except to join him and take his time to adjust.. So we both wake up at nights and keep daddy up too...

This is my first sketch from home this year.. After helping out Tanush to sleep, I decided that I need to attend to my growling stomach - I was so hungry, I could help myself to a lunch!! Well, but I just took my cereal bowl and had a nice wholesome cereal.. Manu joined me, pouring himself a small glass of rice wine which we had purchased at the daytime.. He hated it!! He had to throw that one and pour himself another glass of something-else-wine (I'll find out what the name is, from him) to improve his taste... We had a nice time discussing wines based on the ones he had tasted all this while! Good-gyan!