Jun 18, 2009

Dodge Viper

Manu and I have always been fond of cars... The more stylish they are, the better! Both of us have a dream before we head back hime from US. And that is - to drive a Dodge Viper. Even a Test Drive would do..
We want to drive it at the max speed that it would allow.. Well, but looks like the Vipers dont come as rental cars.. And we can't buy one, since they are custom ordered!! And they are pretty costly too at that!
We still have the dream though....!!!!!

Jun 16, 2009


I drew this sketch from memory. I had been outside on a walk, and well, this guy happened to walk the same path, a few steps ahead of me. I had enough time to memorize his structure, stoop and what he was wearing. When I came back home, I just scribbled him onto my sketchbook.

Jun 14, 2009

Remote controls - EDM # 197

I had even forgotten which Companies my DVD player, TV and Home Theatre belonged to, until I drew the remote controls!!!


This is one of the Harivarasanam sessions for Tanush. He has this one song, to which he sleeps.. And now he'e learnt that whenever this tune plays, we are trying to put him to sleep. Sometimes he revolts.. But eventually he gives in and zzzzs off!!

On call!!

A comfortable pose to call and discuss work..


Manu was very busy that day, as usual. I was going to retire for the day. But decided that a 10 min at an already late 1:40 am shouldn't be a problem.. So I sat and drew a quick sketch of Manu.. And he still managed to change his position every minute (the table on his leg says it all!)!!

Quick Sketch - Sleeping

Manu again.. This was the stillest I could 'get him to be'. But I had to hurry up, so that I don't disturb my son!

Quick Sketch - On call

Tried a very quick sketch.. Tried it thrice - those are the partial faces that you can see.. Manu wouldn't sit still at all!!!

Drawing my foot..

I didn't know that drawing a foot would be so difficult! This is what happens. We assume that something is so complicated that we wouldn't even bother drawing it, and it would turn out to be one of the softest models. And then, we take a few other things for granted, that it would be so easy to draw, and it would drive you crazy!!!


The journal entry is with the drawing!!! :) :)
Oh and BTW, I was trying Watercolor Pencils for the first time in this sketch.. Works lovely.. I and the pencils need to get to know each other a little better though!

Jun 11, 2009


Tanush looks so cute in these Jablas that Sridhar Mama has gifted him.. Sridhar mama has given some 6-7 of them, each in a different color. Tanush enjoys wearing them, since they are so airy and hassle free to wear..

Manu has been giving a new nickname to Tanush almost daily! I would have to field them so that some day later in life I can tease them both with these wierd funny names!

Front room Furniture

I was searching for live subjects to draw that day.. and couldn't find anything very interesting. Then a thought came to me.. Who am I to decide whether a Subject is good or bad.. They are all equally, confidently in front of me - How can I judge which one deserves to be drawn..!?

So then, I drew my ottomon!!

And then this chair (This is actually not ours to say - it is a chair I borrowed from Gupta 'cause it was comfortable to sit on. And then I used it for my Yoga sessions too.. So, speak of man-chair bondage - do they have anything like that?)

And then I drew this Center Table. Hmm.. with the camera on top of it... Like people said, once the baby is here, your camera would never go into the cupboard!!

Madagascar Jasmine

Manu got this beautiful plant. They were all buds, until, I was reading at night, and suddenly I got a whiff of heavenly fragrance. The buds on the top were just opening up and the fragrance felt divine! I was sitting on a sofa just across, and was blessed! I had to capture the moment. And I immortalized it by drawing the blooming buds.

JASMINE is my flower!! For many, it is a ROSE, but for me it's always been JASMINE!! Hmmm.... heavenly!

View from one room to another

I haven't been very comfortable drawing views from one room to another. Don't ask me why. I decided that Challenge # 128 is for people like me!! So I gave it a shot, while sitting with my son. 7 mins and I surprised myself!!

This is the view of the master wash basin from the bed, where I was sitting with my son, trying to put him to sleep.


I sat and drew my prenate vitamin tablet strip. It's got a lovely looking label and box. But it's got the worst packaging possible. I just can't 'Peel and Push' the tablets out (like it mentions..); the packaging is so tight.. But maybe it's that way for a good reason..

Tanush's Favorite Painting

My little son was just a month old, and he already had his favorites!! This is his favorite painting!!

Well, this is actually an empty frame that hangs above his changing table. The picture inside it slipped off one day, and since then, my son has taken a deeper liking to it. He loves to keep staring at it, and now, he even coos to it, while we change his diapers!!

Jun 10, 2009


I had taken a small break from drawing when Tanush came. At that time I didnt really know how soon I would be able to - in fact - whether I would be able to get back to drawing once more.. But then one day Danny Gregory's 'The Creative License' fell into my hands. And what could be a better time than now!!

I got back to drawing once more, even though I get only sparse minutes here and there where I can relax.. Only, no elaborate sketches and paintings.. I started journalling!!! And this was my first conscious journal entry.

I had to draw this and paint it before it melted..