Jun 18, 2009

Dodge Viper

Manu and I have always been fond of cars... The more stylish they are, the better! Both of us have a dream before we head back hime from US. And that is - to drive a Dodge Viper. Even a Test Drive would do..
We want to drive it at the max speed that it would allow.. Well, but looks like the Vipers dont come as rental cars.. And we can't buy one, since they are custom ordered!! And they are pretty costly too at that!
We still have the dream though....!!!!!


Alex said...

Maximum speed of 70mph?
But this is just so cool! I really really like cars too, but Viper is just a little too extreme for me. :) but cool stuff!

The Mind of a Virus said...

you can still rent one in Vegas or Miami!! ;)