Jun 10, 2009


I had taken a small break from drawing when Tanush came. At that time I didnt really know how soon I would be able to - in fact - whether I would be able to get back to drawing once more.. But then one day Danny Gregory's 'The Creative License' fell into my hands. And what could be a better time than now!!

I got back to drawing once more, even though I get only sparse minutes here and there where I can relax.. Only, no elaborate sketches and paintings.. I started journalling!!! And this was my first conscious journal entry.

I had to draw this and paint it before it melted..

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Trish said...

Hi Shalini,
Congratulations on your new son. May he live a long, healthy, happy life!
I am delighted to see that you are making time to create art. I love all of the journal postings, and I agree with you about Jasmine, it's perfume is intoxicating. Your other sketches are wonderful. So good to see you back, keep on sharing with us please.


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