Dec 17, 2009

Two wheelers

Two wheelers, originally uploaded by teshionx.
There is a garage next to our building.. And there is always an assorted variety of 2-wheelers that are parked for repairs... By the time I finished sketching this one, 2 of the ones I hadn't yet drawn had already left, one more got parked and one of the drawn ones left!!

Dec 16, 2009


One moment I have a brain packed with Things-to-dos, Oh-that's-a-nice-idea, What-next, Shouldn't-forget-this kind of thoughts.... and the very next moment, it goes 'Poof!! Vanisssshhhh!!' Happens esplly when I think I should document this (but what was it!!?)

Dec 15, 2009

Room Arrested

Tanush and I had been almost Room-Arrested for the last 3 days of last week.. There were some new grills that were getting installed in 3 of the rooms of the house. To avoid its fumes, noise and the unnecessary glances, we both chose (did I speak on behalf of Tanush too? Oops!! Did he really want to?) to spend the days in one of the rooms where the work wasn't going on.. Though practically everything we could need was on the bed (or in the room..) it was still very bugging! Glad it's all over! Thank God!!