Feb 27, 2012

Seeing Dad off

Seeing Dad off by teshionx
Seeing Dad off, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.

We have landed back in India now.. Back at Auburn Hills, Tanush used to love standing at our doorway or the window and see his dad off to work in the mornings.. He loved watching dad clean up the snow off the car in the winters and then wave him bye and drive off..

Now, we're in India, and he loves to go with grandpa and drop dad off at his bus stop.. He sees him board the red bus and thinks Pizaammaama boards the blue bus.

Poor guy, broke his nose by running into a moving swing yesterday, in the park!

It bled - his nose and all our hearts! I just wanted to keep him hugged onto me!

Feb 4, 2012


Men by teshionx

Men, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
There is a lot of info and a little boy's hand in there! :)
Tanush was only happy to hold the book open for me..

Feb 3, 2012

The Trick Question

The Trick Question by teshionx

The Trick Question, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
Tanush asks me if I am happy when he wants to judge my mood. Usually it is after I discipline him. I wouldn't really know how to answer that question. One the one hand I am being strict with him, so I have this serious expression on my face, but I also don't want to say 'I am not happy..' because while right now his question may mean whether I am cheerful, happy means a lot more than that and I wouldn't want him to hold the memory of the negative sentence in his head! I am happy right!? I am just being angry right now!!!

Sometimes he asks that when I am sporting a poker face while doing household chores.. Like, if I am folding laundry and so I am not smiling at him, then he 'pops' the question! :)

Feb 2, 2012

Rajma Chawal

Rajma (Kidney Beans) by teshionx
Rajma (Kidney Beans), a photo by teshionx on Flickr.

I had to come home and journal this one! So tasty!

We have kind of semi-closed our kitchen since the past couple weeks.. So our meals are not co-ordinated well.. We would have an Italian and a South Indian side for a North Indian entree! Or we would have porridge with a small bowl of chickpeas, or whatever! So it was indeed natural to develop a craving for some good home made wholesome complete meal! And I felt like having some Rajma Chawal... When I told that to Kamini, she made the loveliest Rajma! Simple homemade types.. You don't get those in Restaurants! Wow! Yummy it was!!