Dec 17, 2009

Two wheelers

Two wheelers, originally uploaded by teshionx.
There is a garage next to our building.. And there is always an assorted variety of 2-wheelers that are parked for repairs... By the time I finished sketching this one, 2 of the ones I hadn't yet drawn had already left, one more got parked and one of the drawn ones left!!

Dec 16, 2009


One moment I have a brain packed with Things-to-dos, Oh-that's-a-nice-idea, What-next, Shouldn't-forget-this kind of thoughts.... and the very next moment, it goes 'Poof!! Vanisssshhhh!!' Happens esplly when I think I should document this (but what was it!!?)

Dec 15, 2009

Room Arrested

Tanush and I had been almost Room-Arrested for the last 3 days of last week.. There were some new grills that were getting installed in 3 of the rooms of the house. To avoid its fumes, noise and the unnecessary glances, we both chose (did I speak on behalf of Tanush too? Oops!! Did he really want to?) to spend the days in one of the rooms where the work wasn't going on.. Though practically everything we could need was on the bed (or in the room..) it was still very bugging! Glad it's all over! Thank God!! 

Nov 22, 2009

Tried some pen sketch..

(Click on the pic to view larger)

Took me 6 days to draw this one.. The idea: To fill up an entire page... Any detail available, in all the space that's available.. No scanner available, so took a digital snap..

Nov 19, 2009

Thanks for these Awards!!

Thank you so much - I appreciate it Brinda... Well, I actually love it, love it, love it!!! I finally add all these to my blog.. (I know, you sent it some time back - blame it on too much travel!!)

And, thankfully she didn't bind me with the condition that I would have to pass on these awards to a few before I could actually accept it (I am still struggling to find out those few people for 2 other awards..)! So I am going to pass on these awards, individually or as a team whenever I feel that Wow! This person is fabulous!!

These stamps come with a tag...

1. Where is your cell phone: On the couch..

2. Your hair: Never behave the way I would want them to!

3. Your mother: is a retired govt employee

4. Your father: is a GM in a Bank

5. Your favorite food: I am a foodie - can't be partial towards one.. the rest will feel bad...

6. Your dream last night: I don't really remember

7. Your favorite drink: Coconut Water

8. Your dream/goal: Animation

9. What room are you in: Living room

10. Your hobby: Painting, Music, Crafts, Yapping, Sketching

11. Your fear: Falling down...

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: A professional in Arts!!??

13. Where were you last night: Home

14. Something you aren’t: Snob

15. Muffins: Blueberry

16. Wish list item: Hmmm... Lemme think...

17. Where did you grow up: Delhi and Bangalore

18. Last thing you did: Ate (most likely this answer would stay true had I filled this at any other time of the day too)

19. What are you wearing: Kurti with Sequins and Basic blue Jeans

20. Your TV: Off

21. Your pets: I have a pet soft toy - it is a raccoon.......

22. Your friends: are dear to me!

23. Your life: wow on the speed lane..

24. Your mood: Light and cheerful

25. Missing someone: Yup.. Hubby!!

26. Vehicle: Infiniti I30

27. Something you’re not wearing: Watch - these days..

28. Your favorite store: Michael's in US / Gangarams in India

29. Your favorite color (s): Blue and Yellow (sunlight shade - slight orange you know)

30. When was the last time you laughed: Today evening - Tanush was trying to ram into me with his head, in full speed - I couldn't help but laugh at his 'attempts' to sleep (like this!? Full speed ram-into-mom?)!!

31. Last time you cried: When we were trying the sleep technique with my son.. Couldn't take his cries!! yeah I broke down!

32. Your best friend: From which era!!??

33. One place that I go over and over: Chicago - don't know how but we have been visiting there too often!!

34. One person who emails me regularly: Taarika... She's always, always, always been in touch, though I have been really bad with responding (I know I am as bad as a guy when it comes to day-to-day keep-in-touches)

35. Favorite place to eat: There was a small Chinese Food shop in K'mgla, don't know if it still exists... Other than that, Kabob Grill in AH..

Whom do I tag, whom do I tag...?? Hmmm... Most of the people I would like to tag are on FB, and have no blog of their own.. And the people whom I would like to pass on the awards to, I don't want to tie them down with a Tag.... Ok will update that later then... For now, let me flash these stamps out...

Nov 12, 2009

India - Guruvayur Temple

Our more-or-less first stop in India was Trissur. Tanush had his chorunnu / annaprasaanam (first taste of rice) in Guruvayur. In fact Tanush and Unni shared this date.. It was fun to see them both dressed up in little Mundus, sitting on our laps, and tasting the Payasam, Rice, Banana and all..

There is no photography allowed in the temple. Neither is mobile phone allowed.. Well, even if it were, the temple is so crowded that if you keep track of your people, that would be a task on its own. And I was only worried about how Tanush was taking the heat and crowd.. He did enjoy the function, though later on in the next few days, his skin started irritating..

A large uruli (a heavy bottomed vessel) was there near the entrance to the main shrine in the temple and it was filled with bright red manjadikuru seeds (I was told this by Manu later as he saw my diary entry with this drawing.. I thought they were stones). It is said that any person who places his hands in the uruli and ploughs through the seeds three times gets a lot of goodness. Manu said, that it is supposed to make small kids naughty LOL.. Tanush enjoyed it!!!! :) :)

Since there was no way we could photograph any of our precious moments in the temple, I had to remember this scene and come back home and draw this at night.. I colored it only a couple of days back, after I have settled down somewhat in my mom's house.

Nov 11, 2009

EDM List

I better have the list here itself, so that I can refer to it directly from here, rather than the additional click. Also to link up my entries to their respective pages:

EDM Weekly Challenges with the latest one on top

295 - Draw some toast
294 - Draw something that makes you smile
293 - Draw something made of glass
292 - Draw a night scene
291 - Draw or paint an illustration for the cover of your favorite book
290 - Draw a teapot
289 - Draw an appliance you bought or received but don’t use
288 - Draw something with spots
287 - Draw something colorful
286 - Draw a shirt
285 - Draw something that loves the sun
284 - Draw your downtown
283 - Draw something shiny
282 - Something you’ve been putting off doing, or don’t want to do
281 - Draw what keeps you warm or cool
280 - Something you don’t see every day
279 - Something that starts with the last letter of your name.
278 - Something that starts with the first letter of your name
277 - Something that should have been invented by now
276 - Draw your grocery store
275 Draw a tube of toothpaste
274 - Draw the cover of your favorite book

273 - Draw a collection of tools
272 - Illustrate a line from a song
271 - Free choice
270 - Draw something you would like to preserve
269 - Draw something annoying
268 - Draw something you need
267 - Draw something flexible
266 - Draw something or someone you cherish
265 - Draw your neighbour
264 - Draw your floor
263 - Draw your favorite cleaning supply
262 - Draw your shower or tub
261 - Draw a winter Olympic event
260 - Draw a filled suitcase
259 - Draw something from a pet's point of view
258 - Draw the inside of your closet
257 - Draw a house plant
256 - Draw something bubbly
255 - Draw a person near you in train, bus or plane
254 - Draw something that represents joy
253 - Draw your socks
252 - Draw a pine or fir tree
251 - Draw perfume or a scented product
250 - Draw something you got for free
249 - Draw a coffeepot
248 - Draw a lock
247 - Draw something creepy
246 - Draw some gloves
245 - Draw something October
244 - Draw the oldest thing in your refrigerator
243 - Draw a pillow
242 - Draw a figurine or tzatchke you have
241 - Draw what you see from your kitchen window
240 - Draw a pencil, your favorite if you like
239 - Draw something that has scared you
238 - Draw something from a first aid kit
237 - Draw what’s under your bed or the view from under your bed
236 - Draw the palm of your left hand
235 - Draw a butterfly
234 - Draw something that belongs to someone else
233 - Draw your favorite drink
232 - Draw the last thing you bought
231 - Draw your junk drawer
230 - Draw a map
229 - Draw a summer joy
228 - Draw something that makes you laugh
227 - Draw a tote bag
226 - Draw a screw
225 - Draw something sticky
224 - Draw a jug or pitcher
223 - Draw your favorite sound
222 - Draw your favorite drawing tool
221 - Draw a hand held game
220 - Draw the moon
219 - Draw a window
218 - Draw a knife
217 - Draw an umbrella
216 - Draw your inner critic
215 - Draw your thumb
214 - Draw something representing a favorite hobby
213 - Draw a microwave oven
212 - Draw something with a mirror image
211 - Draw or paint an everyday object “in the style of” an old master or notable painter you admire.
210 - Draw some underwear
209 - Draw a shadow
208 - Something out of place
207 - Draw something that has a shell, or draw a seashell
206 - Draw something familiar to you that you know is called something else in another region. (Example: soda is also called pop)
205 - Draw a soda can
204 - Draw something frosty
203 - Draw a glass of juice
202 - Draw a cookie
201 - Draw a stapler
200 - Draw something lucky
199  - Draw a toe
198 - Draw some noodles
197 - Draw a remote control
196 - Draw a rope
195 - Draw a fork
194 - Draw a baked potato
193 - Draw a closeup part of something
192 - Draw something that floats
191 - Draw some paper money
190 - Draw your palette or selection of colors
189 - Draw a shaver or razor
188 - Draw a peanut in the shell or out
187 - Draw a fan
186 - Draw something you’ve always wanted
185 - Draw a cat
184 - Draw a park bench or other outside bench
183 - Draw something dangerous
182 - Draw a truck.
181 - Draw a trash or garbage can
180 - Draw something in your favorite color
179 - Draw an onion
178 - Draw something red
177 - Draw a flag
176- Draw something summer
175 - Draw a basket and what it holds
174 - Draw a bridge
173 - Draw something from memory
172 - Draw something that sparkles
171 - Draw some ice cream
170 - Draw a zipper
169 - Draw a piece of cake
168 - Draw your daily newspaper
167 - Draw something that needs fixing
166 - Draw a fish
165 - Draw the front of your house, apartment bldg, condo, dorm etc.
164 - Draw a camera
163 - Draw a deck of cards
162 - Draw your breakfast
161 - Draw something you think smells wonderful
160 - Draw a trophy or award
159 - Draw a favorite cooking tool
158 - Draw a kernel of popped popcorn
157 - Draw a towel
156 - Draw a sandwich
155 - Draw something with a step or steps
154 - Draw or paint a lemon
153 - Draw something in a plastic wrapper
152 - Draw a nut
151 - Free choice
150 - Draw a candle
149 - Draw a broom
148 - Draw or paint something soothing
147 - Draw or paint something made of wood
146 - Draw a favorite food
145 - Draw (or paint) a tree in autumn
144 - Draw something square
143 - Draw an herb or spice
142 - Draw something hot
141 - Draw something with bristles
140 - Draw an envelope
139 - Draw something with a handle
138 - Draw something soft
137 - Draw something you can turn on or off
136 - Draw or paint something that’s alive - a living thing - animal or plant
135 - Draw a salad
134 - Draw a familiar person place or thing, but from an unusual angle
133 - Draw a peach
132 - Draw a chain
131 - Draw a spray bottle
130 - Draw some school supplies.
129 - Draw people doing something.
128 - Draw a view through a doorway from one interior room to another.
127 - Draw a skyscape
126 - Draw a sponge
125 - Draw a bird
124 - Draw something yellow
123 - Draw a bell
122 - Draw something where shade is a prominent part of the subject
121 - Draw a coin or some coins and journal about memories about coins from your childhood.
120 - Draw a flashlight
119 - Draw some rocks
118 - Draw some hair
117 - Draw something round
116 - Draw something green
115 - Draw a shopping cart or basket
114 - Draw something ugly you love and keep for sentimental reasons. Journal about it, too.
113 - Draw or paint a fence
112 - Draw something fresh
111 - Draw a bowl
110 - Draw something with a flame or flames
109 - Draw a clock you have around your house
108 - Draw a light bulb
107 - Draw how you get your news - at a newsstand, vending box or on your porch
106 - Draw something tart or sour
105 - Draw some scissors
104 - Draw some salt and pepper shakers
103 - Draw some exercise equipment - what you use to stay fit.
102 - Draw a power plug
101 - Draw a bar of soap
100 - Draw or paint a landscape
99 - Draw something that represents a new years resolution of yours
98 - Free choice. Draw anything you like. We’re all busy before the holidays.
97 - Draw a present you have received. Why is it special?
96 - Draw something sweet
95 - Draw a holiday card
94 - Draw a spoon and journal a little about it
93 - Draw an egg carton, with or without eggs in it.
92 - Draw a brown paper bag
91 - Draw an apple
90 - Draw something with wings
89 - Draw a button or buttons
88 - Draw something breezy - something that blows in the wind - a flag, leaves, your choice…
87 - Draw your lunch and journal about it.
86 - Draw a traffic sign (stop, yield, crossing, directional, arrows, etc.)
85 - Draw a store in your neighborhood.
84 - Draw some bread and write about it if you like.
83 - Draw a nearby body of water - ocean, lake, pond, river
82 - Draw your artspace - drawing board, desk, studio, table - draw where you create.
81 - Draw a streetlight
80 - Draw something that makes you happy, and write about it, too.
79 - Draw an ear, or two or three or more
78 - Draw a souvenir of a place you’ve been. journal a bit about your memories of the place.
77 - Draw something cold or cool. Chill, people.
76 - Draw some flowers (or colorful showy foliage if you’re in the S. hemisphere and don’t find flowers in bloom.)
75 - Draw the ingredients and/or process of a favorite recipe - and journal about it.
74 - Draw some clouds and write about them
73 - Draw a mailbox and write about the most important piece of real world mail you’ve ever received(not email - snail mail.)
72 - Draw somewhere new. Go somewhere new to you and draw what you find. Write about it, too.
71 - Draw something representing your favorite sport.
70 - Draw what you’re afraid of. Write about it, if you dare.
69 - Draw a beverage and write a little about it.
68 - Draw your computer
67 - Draw something Mom - your mother, something that reminds you of motherhood. Journal, too.
66 - Draw a fire hydrant and make a journal entry about fire fighters
65 - Draw your nose, a friend’s or a strangers. Or a pet’s.
64 - Draw your sink - at home, work or wherever
63 - Go on a nature walk, pick up items, draw what you find
62 - Draw a previous challenge in a different medium than you usually use.
61 - Draw a grouping of 2 or more of similar objects
60 - Draw an automobile or a part of one
59 - Draw a sign or spring (or fall if you live in the southern hemisphere.)
58 - Draw a hat, cap or other headgear. is it sentimental? Write about it.
57 - Draw a picture frame and the picture in it. Write about why it’s special to you.
56 - Draw a self portrait
55 - Draw a doorknob, plain or fancy
54 - Draw someone or something you love - and journal about it.
53 - Draw a mouth and journal about speaking out or holding one’s tongue …
52 - Draw a dog (yours or a friends or anyone’s) and journal about your dog relationships.
51 - Draw your TV and favorite show playing. Journal about why you like that show etc.
50 - Draw your home’s entryway and journal your thoughts and feelings about “homecoming.”
49 - Draw your refrigerator interior (and contents) or exterior (and what’s on the door)
48 - Draw something that represents your new year’s goal or resolution
47 - Draw a challenge from the past year 1-46 that you didn’t try before
46 - Draw something holiday themed (Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, winter solstice)
45 - Draw your medicine cabinet (the inside of it)
44 - Draw an animal - a pet, a zoo animal, a stuffed one …
43 - Draw something china or ceramic
42 - Draw something you are thankful for
41 - Draw a landmark of your city
40 - Draw something with folds
39 - Draw your toothbrush
38 - month long challenge until end of November 2005 - draw at a museum
38 - Draw something related to Halloween, All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints, etc.
37 - Draw some keys
36 - Draw out in public
35 - Draw a bicycle or a part of one
34 - Draw a fall leaf
33- Draw an eye
32 - Draw something metallic
31 - Draw something you collect
30 - Draw a chair or anything else you feel like.
29 - Draw something architectural or anything else.
28 - Draw an appliance or anything else you like.
27 - Draw a book or anything else you want.
26 - Draw anything you like. If you want to draw a vegetable, that’s fine, too.
25 - Draw a glass (the kind you drink from)
24 - Draw a piece of fruit
23 - Draw your foot
22 - Draw a piece of clothing
21 - Draw something old, antique or vintage
20 - Draw something “Dad” - in honor of Fathers Day
19 - Draw something you’ve made
18 - Draw the view from a window of your house, apartment, office, etc.
17 - Draw a musical instrument
16 - Draw a favorite tool
15 - Draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches
14 - Draw what you see in the morning when you get up
13 - Draw your telephone (land line, cell, old-fashioned?)
12 - Draw what you ate for dinner
11 - Draw your glasses or sunglasses
10 - Draw your hand or hands (or someone elses if you like)
9 - Draw a bit of “organized chaos” - your messy desk, your table stacked with books, etc.
8 - Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry
7 - Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen
6 - Draw your favorite well-loved object … or a childhood toy
5 - Draw your bed
4 - Draw your mug or cup
3 - Purses, Wallets or Bags
2 - Draw a desk lamp or other lamp
1 - Draw a shoe

Oct 13, 2009


We are leaving to India... Our parents are eagerly awaiting Tanush's arrival.. And I am all excited about my long vacation.. Well, the whole house is in a mess.. Papers and toys strewn everywhere!

Oct 11, 2009

Deer H(a)unt

(Click on the image for a better view)

Looks like Srinu and Deer have been jinxed with each other! They seem to be haunting each other from some time! Ask him...!!!

Oct 10, 2009

Thank you.. Thank you..

Naarya sent me a tag along with her awards.. And what a way to let the world know who I am (well, at least kind of..)

1. Where is your cell phone: Next to me, here on the sofa

2. Your hair: Dark Brown

3. Your mother: Is a homemaker.. an ex-Central Govt employee

4. Your father: Works in Union Bank of India

5. Your favorite food: Waaahhhhh... Nope in all these years, I am yet to have a favorite..

6. Your dream last night:

7. Your favorite drink: Water

8. Your dream/goal:

9. What room are you in: Living room

10. Your hobby:

11. Your fear:

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years:

13. Where were you last night:

14. Something you aren’t:

15. Muffins:

16. Wish list item:

17. Where did you grow up:

18. Last thing you did:

19. What are you wearing:

20. Your TV:

21. Your pets:

22. Your friends:

23. Your life:

24. Your mood:

25. Missing someone:

26. Vehicle:

27. Something you’re not wearing:

28. Your favorite store:

29. Your favorite color (s):

30. When was the last time you laughed:

31. Last time you cried:

32. Your best friend:
33. One place that I go over and over:
34. One person who emails me regularly:

35. Favorite place to eat:

Oct 8, 2009

Ah... what is this long black slimy thing...!!?

Tanush has been deeply interested in things that have a long flowy look to them.. He likes to catch all kinds of wires, ribbons, scarves anything!! Have to start babyproofing our house.

I didn't have the time to go look for a pencil when I painted this - so this painting is just a plain painting!!! Only watercolors there!

Oct 7, 2009

EDM # 37 - Some Keys..

Yes.. I own an Infiniti.. :) :)

Waiting waiting..

While waiting for my doctor to come...
Tanush was with Keerthi outside, in the waiting roon, while I waited for my doctor... I hated sending Tanush out...
I thought, maybe if I try to sketch this place, maybe my luck at drawing would run short and the doctor would come in before I could make a decent sketch.. Didn't happen that way :(

But, Tanush and Keerthi being good buddies, spent their time together happily!! Thanks to Keerthi, for coming with me...

Sep 27, 2009

Traffic Signal Scribbles

They deserve to be called scribbles, because that;s what they are! I drew one item on each Red-Signal stop..
And while coming back from my friend's house, we had stopped at Dunkin Donuts, where Manu got down to buy himself a coffee, and me a sandwich.. While I was inside the car, I captured this view!

Sep 15, 2009

IF - Welcome

As a kid, I was fascinated by stories about Krishna. There was always an element of magic to whatever he did, or wherever he lived. I had listened to his stories numerous times, read a number of story books about him - all telling the same story, but I loved it. One of his stories has a huge snake, that comes to kill him.. And apparently to kill the snake, Krishna walks into the mouth of the snake, grows real huge in size and explodes right there!!

I was so fascinated by that, I imagined how it would be if there was a cave structure that was like a snake - or better, if we could all take a tour inside the snake anatomy!!!!

The stages:
This is my entry for Illustration Friday's 'Welcome' theme.

Sep 11, 2009

Can't think of a title for this..

We finally applied for Tanush' passport.. We had been planning about it since quite some time, but due to Manu's real thick schedule, we had not been able to do anything about it.. Now too, we have applied for the faster one (more money; I am so sad :( )

There was this cute little building called 'Catching Fireflies' - supposedly and arts and crafts store.. they have a lovely looking building! So I had to draw that!!

Sep 7, 2009


I drew this by placing the batman model upside down, on the occasion of Disney buying up Marvel characters.. Well, that was quite a challenge! Didn't know that drawing upside down could feel so difficult..!! This one below, is the same pic turned upside down t see if it fits...
Not bad.. what would you say?

Another quick sketch of Tanush

I didn't want to put this up.. but what's the big deal?

A week goes by without color

This week was kind of slow.. Or should I say a little less on color..? Oh no, life was as colorful as usual... What I meant was no colors in my sketches. That's because, I did most of these sketches at midnight, with the lights off..! I couldn't Not-Draw in my sketchbook :)

By the nightstand
drew this while chatting with my parents on phone
Drew this on this Saturday. We had come back from the Passport Office with the job unfinished.
Manu on XBOX 360 - Our trip to India got a go-ahead in his office.. Yahhhoooo!!!

Aug 31, 2009

AF # 9 - Oatmeal

I hope this one is the last of the August Foodie series (I hope because I dont want to find something interesting today to draw)..
I've always loved oatmeal... Hmm, let me take some right now..

AF # 8 - Continental Breakfast

This breakfast is called the Continental Breakfast in India.. Well, if there is that Corn Flakes as well. I didnt really have this yesterday, but I chose to draw it.. I wanted to break the rules, and draw something where I didn't have any of the items!! Not even the coffee did I have yesterday. It was a tea breakfast!!!!

Aug 30, 2009

IF - Magnify

So.. why was little Meena late after play?

Aug 29, 2009

AF # 7 - Stash

I think preparing stash is one of the best gift you can give yourself on busy days.. And if you have a little one at home, you better have a lot of stash - prepare them whenever possible, so you don't have to stare at an empty fridge or pantry when you are running on zero fuel!!

Yesterday, Manu had to leave early to office - gave me enough lone time to prepare a few sandwiches for myself and stash them.. And the rest of the veggies became a salad stash which I consumed peacefully with some ranch later on in the day..

Aug 28, 2009

EDM # 2- Lamp

Today I drew this lamp.. A convenient model.. Tanush was sleeping right there, and we both had just finished wrestling with the bowl of cereal.. He was tired, and so was I.. But I couldn't lie down yet - I still had to have my lunch. So while heating my food, I drew this quickly, and painted it in the next break just as quickly...

By the way even before I finished sketching the lamp in the first break, sonny dear woke up! So it was a 3 break picture!! Thank God for all the stash that I store!!!

Aug 23, 2009

My own Giraffe

I was goint through my EDM mails, and I came across Grobuonis' blog about 1 million giraffes.. Well, Grobounis had come across this site where this person has a bet that he'll collect 1 million giraffes in two years and Grobuonis had made a lot of giraffes in funky shapes and sizes and ideas for that.. They were lovely to say the least, and definitely inspriring!!

I closed my computer thinking - if only I get some time.. My drawing has come to an almost halt these days. I used to write a diary, and after Tanush came along, I have converted that to a visual journal, where I jot down main points of the day, and then draw a picture that's somewhere right in front of me.. I paint that picture the next day, or after a month.. I really have no time for imagination and creativity right now!! Or do we need time for that?
I was walking towards the kitchen, and there it was... My raw material for my giraffe.. And see what I created and sent!!

AF # 6 - Chocolate cake with Ice Cream.. Yummm!!

I didn't want the ice cream to melt.. And more than me, my hubby was worried that his ice cream also was at stake!! I drew it on one night and then painted it much later.. In 4 installments of around one minute each..

Lonely :(

In this month's pediatrician's visit we had been adviced about how to help setting good sleep habits for Tanush. Well, I'll tell you frankly; it feel like a heartless method at times.. But, anyway, we have decided to go with what's been suggested and started on the routine.

We keep reconsidering the decision, though.. The first night, he cried a lot!! It was heartbreaking! I couldn't really take it.. I kept reconsidering the decision.. Maybe we can start a bit later... Maybe we shouldn't do it at all! After all, in our homes, it is not done that way... The baby sleeps with his parents!! Our parents are pretty against this exercise.. Actually they just can't imagine that you could do something this hurting to a baby!! And sleep time is the most peaceful time for a baby.. and now, here it is just the opposite!

What really hurts most is that Tanush is put to sleep there all by himself, and he cries alone!! And we both sit here outside - we at least have each other for company!! I hate to even take refuge in that company, while he is all alone there!!

But, if it's been doing good to this huge a population here, it should be doing good to Tanush too! and better start it at the earliest...

Well, I have to tell you, things have been improving over the past 4 days.. And it seems to be doing him good over the day time too.. At least that's what it looks like (I don't want it to deteriorate now!! Knock on wood!!)

I drew this duckie that was out of place all alone, under Tanush's crib, much like him when he goes to sleep these days..


I do a load of laundry every day. Whether any other chore around my house gets done or not, laundry and dishes have to run at least once a day. But somehow I had managed to secure a mountain of clothes this once (despite still running a load each day..)!! Clubbed under the Dark-clothes-wash-separately and Bedspreads-wash separately, they had actually piled up!

So to keep myself inspired till I finish the whole lot I had decided that I would add one cloth item to this clothes line, as I finish washing and drying it.. And so this clothesline got populated!!!

Like I mentioned in the last line, Long Live Washing Machines!!!!! ;)

Eeee... Spiders!

These guys were found in my house the other day... I sing Insy Winsy Spider for Tanush, but, please.. I don't really intend to introduce him to a Spider so soon (and definitely not on his bed!!)

Journalled right there!! :) :)

I am too lazy to type again, so scanned the whole page...

Aug 22, 2009

Missing Home...

Manu's been missing home from quite a while now.. By home, I don't mean the place he can come to every evening from work, where he can play with Tanush and sit down with us as family for his dinner and end-of-the-day catchups.. He has been missing India.. He asks me every once in a while 'Chalen kya waapas (shall we go back)?' Well, his projects are based out of India for now, and that's why that it is not practical for me to answer that question..

My husband, Manu is from the beautiful state of Kerala from India.. (Yes, that means that we both are not from the same place originally). Kerala has these beautiful sceneries in a tropical setting, where Nature glows with joy whatever be the season.. It especially comes to a pleasant joyful lushness when it is monsoon there. A lot of people who hale from there, and have lived some portion of their lives there, can't really imagine living elsewhere..

I have a very close friend from my college, Jesline, who studied with me in Bangalore, but her heart was always in Kerala. Well, after visiting her place, I couldn't imagine why it could be otherwise.. Miles and miles of lush green plantations, a royal big house, a self sufficient life, perfect 100% literacy and all your near and dear friends and relatives around you! What more can you ask for?!

This is what a traditional Kerala house looks like.. Well a portion of it.. Manu's house doesn't really look like this - it is a little more modern, but many houses in Trissur still look like this..

Aug 18, 2009

Some days are nicer than you plan for..

A page from my journal..
This is also my AF # 5..

Another brainwave

Journalled right there..

Eye shot!!

I am bad at cartooning... I know that.. That's because to start with, whenever I think I'll draw one, my mind goes so blank, I feel I am in an empty white room where the white walls run up to infinity!
But I have noticed that every once in a while I would get a static image in my brain that would be apt for a particular scene that I would be a part of at that moment.. Like this white wall that I am surrounded by (you know... ;))
So I jotted down these 2 images that cropped up in my head.. and that's how my first cartoon was born!

AF # 4 - A Cup of Joe

I didn't take my sketchbook to Starbucks.. I had had a long and quite a tiring day. I needed to unwind a bit and take some time out to feel a bit human..! I didn't really know where to go, but I drove down to the Starbucks near my house.

This was my Cappuccino with no sugar for a change. I sat down near one of the windows and kept watching the world moving slowly.. The traffic signal where every once in a while cars in one direction would stop and then pick up slowly... A slow and graceful glider in the sky.. Soft white clouds on blue sky.. People on their evening walks near the shop.. Slow slurp of coffee..

Aug 9, 2009

AF # 3 - Apple

Ok.. I did have an ice cream today. One of those drumsticks.. But doesn't look good posting too many junkie things that I consume right? So I drew an apple.. Oh yes, I had that too!! Not that I didn't have the apple.. Only thing is - that I had the apple because I selected it for the painting. (Sometimes, things work out for better, themselves!!)

AF # 2 - Veggie Burger

We had been to the doctor for Tanush.. It took a pretty long time there, and I was famished! Though the appointment was for 2 pm, I hadn't taken my lunch that day. So I asked Manu to stop for a pickup somewhere.
BK's veggie burgers are lovely.. Though I do feel guilty about eating out these days, sometimes is ok I guess :) :)
This is just the bag that the burger came in.. he he.. I ate up the burger even before we reached home! And the logo here got all spoilt!! :(

August Foodie Challenge # 1 - Nuts

I am almost all the time at home.. and even when I go out, I can't possibly draw for now. So I have a limited variety of objects that I look at each day :(

But then I thought - food is something thats going to be changing each day! So maybe I can draw on of the 'meals' that I eat, each day - or at least a part of it! I am giving myself a month of collecting food drawings.. The conditions would be:

1. I eat/drink that the same day.
2. If possible, draw the most extravagant one!! (if time and Tanush allow)
3. The 'model' can be repeated, as long as I don't copy an existing drawing or a photograph of a food eaten a few days back!!

Now what shall I call this challenge? August Foodie Challenge? Or Horlicks Drawings (because though I start drawing them when I eat, I am able to paint them or complete them only at night, when I have my final cup of Horlicks!)

Hands - EDM # 10

This is my hand.. and my son's hand.. He loves to - What my hubby likes to call - TALK TO THE HAND!! I mean, he likes to observe his or our hand, and coos to them..

Aug 1, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Thanks Brinda for nominating me for my first blogger award! :)

The Kreative Blogger Award comes with these rules :-

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on which of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated

Following the rules, here are 7 things about me:

1. I go totally blank whenever I am asked to 'talk' about myself. Yes, it happens at job interviews too :(
2. I wanted (still want to) to be a Travel Show hostess.. That way I would get to see a lot of places at no expense of mine!
3. My dreams always show me driving some sort of a wierd vehicle - it would be a Big Truck/Lorry or a bus, or a plane(!!), or a bicycle with 6 people on it, or a train!! I have even driven a submarine! I am yet to find out what my subconscious wants out of me!!
4. I don't watch television! I don't like talking on phone! And I don't really like chatting through Internet. I am more of a get-up-go-and-meet-them kind of a person..
5. I would like to build my career around drawing, colours and art.. But I am always confused how to go about it.. Where should I start! Well, I am confused about all the important things in life
6. I feel Women's-lib stuff is over rated!
7. I would like to stay active and look good well into my 80s and 90s (yes, I want to live that long!!!)

The creative heads whom I admire and would like to pass on the award to are
1. Margaret,
2. Ramya - I love your cooking,
3. Rhonda,
4. Shirley,
5. Prabhu - he doesn't have a blog, but is excellent with the camera,
6. Ghislaine and
7. Karl (for origami)..
Each of them creating enchanting arts in different media.

Jul 30, 2009

Favorite Toys - EDM # 6

These are Tanush's favorite toys!! All of them go wherever he goes.. And in the morning mom used to arrange them in order against her pillow, where sunrays fell on her bed. They would be on the edge of the cloth on which Tanush would play.

In the order from LHS - Teddy Bear, Flying Donkey, Prayer Doll, Kuruvi and his rattle..

I miss mom :(

Jul 29, 2009

Friend Lion

This guy (the Lion) laughs when we tickle his toes. About a month back, Tanush used to just be amused by his 'Friend Lion'. Now, after he's finished laughing, Tanush pushes him, showes him and 'asks' him to laugh more!

Jul 28, 2009

Tanush sleeping

It was almost totally dark when I drew this.. Mom says you shouldnt take a snap of babies when they are sleeping. I hope drawing them is ok. Especially in the dark. Well, anyway, I ended up disturbing Tanush when I tried to turn the page after drawing this one!!