Aug 9, 2009

August Foodie Challenge # 1 - Nuts

I am almost all the time at home.. and even when I go out, I can't possibly draw for now. So I have a limited variety of objects that I look at each day :(

But then I thought - food is something thats going to be changing each day! So maybe I can draw on of the 'meals' that I eat, each day - or at least a part of it! I am giving myself a month of collecting food drawings.. The conditions would be:

1. I eat/drink that the same day.
2. If possible, draw the most extravagant one!! (if time and Tanush allow)
3. The 'model' can be repeated, as long as I don't copy an existing drawing or a photograph of a food eaten a few days back!!

Now what shall I call this challenge? August Foodie Challenge? Or Horlicks Drawings (because though I start drawing them when I eat, I am able to paint them or complete them only at night, when I have my final cup of Horlicks!)

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