Feb 10, 2015

Custard Apples and Eaters

Custard Apples

Anyone who has relished the custard apple, knows that these fruits are full - and really full - of seeds. In fact, you get more seed than the fruit! I know of people who have varying attitudes on how they enjoy the fruit (or not)...

There are some who just can't resist the fruit. So, they take the fruit, stand near a trash bin and enjoy it standing. They don't mind the discomforts of having to stand, with no company and, if really unlucky, then taking in the fruit fragrance with the smells that emanate from where a trash can is kept (yeah, eww..)!

Then, there are some who like to think smart and take a small vessel in hand to spit out the number of seeds.

And then, there are a few who are so intimidated by the huge number of spitting they'd have to do, and so would just satisfy themselves by taking in the fragrance and talking about how they had enjoyed the fruit so much with their friends when they were young (read, children).

Well, there are those who can not take the pains of a messy meal, pop that custard apple - flesh, seed and all - into a juicer with some milk, a little more sugar and turn it into a milk shake. They just love how they were smart to add that dairy - more nutrition!!

There are also some, who, because of the sheer mess that seems, like to just say,'I don't really like the custard apple.... by, the way, how do they really taste?' I know some in that set too! Almost all of them hadn't had a custard apple and don't even know what they are missing. They like to make it look like it doesn't matter either. Yes, if you are reading this, I did mean you!!

Me? I like to pinch a fruit open, hold it into a cup, sit by the balcony with Tanush and savor every corn that's there, in its most natural self.. Tanush and I love to call it Dragon's Tooth, for each corn looks like a tooth out of Godzilla's mouth..

Did you find yourself there too?

Feb 5, 2015

Stage Fear - (gulp) - yet again!

Gesture Study - Sooryansh

So, how do you come back on stage to face the crowd?

I have been away for so very long.. Many times I'll take my sketchbook to make a new sketch; open it and then close it.. Many times I'd open my blog to put up a new scribble, and then look at my sketch and go, 'Nah, that doesn't really look so good..' I'd yawn and browse other websites and then shut down the computer feeling sick about the time wasted on browsing.. Sometimes I'll post one sketch.. and then feel something odd about how I haven't really shown my face for so long, and now.. a sketch? Eeek!! Oh! And, I stopped telling the story long long back...

But really, what is it that holds me back?

What is it that holds anyone back from making a comeback? Is it the feeling that, when I do come back, there would be no one looking for me? Is it the feeling that the world has meanwhile changed and I may not know this new world? Is it the feeling that I am still at the same place while the world around has moved leaps and paces ahead, and, let alone me catching up, the world would see how I haven't grown? Is it the feeling that someone might ask, ' Do I know you?' Is it the feeling that I may actually have been forgotten?

What is it?

I figured out that the only way to get back on the wagon, is to simply, just get back on it.. Just jump in..!! And then who knows..? I may meet old friends. I may make new ones. I may fall off the wagon yet again. But at least I'll know I can always get back on!!! Welcoming what comes...