Aug 21, 2010

Gesture Sketching at the mall

Instead of the library, I went to the mall today to sketch people in action.. I had Madhavi for company - she is awesome! She just these misc type activities.. Tanush and Manu had come too, but daddy was supposed to play just daddy today, so mummy could take her time off completely..

(click on the picture to view a slightly larger size)

It was fun, but this being the first time that I was sketching people in public, I was quite nervous to start with.. But it later got easy and I just went with the flow.. I did notice a couple group of people trying to see if we were sketching them or not, but we really couldn't care less, as we were anyway not sketching them!! 

These were Madhavi's sketches -

I just fell in love with her sketch of the lady digging into her sandwich... And then she went on to try some sketches with her Non-Dominant hand.. 

Isn't that just incredible!?

Gesture Study


Today was a day for some gesture studies.. But... Photographs it is - the source that is.. But tomorrow I am visiting the library or Panera Bread for some real gesture study (I hope people hold out a pose long enough for a newbie like me to catch them... wishful thinking...)!

I did these following ones while watching the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai... The scenes were very quick.. could maximum catch a person in any attire and pose only for like 20 sec or so.. you can see that in whatever I drew!

yeah the last few faces are supposed to be me!! Was trying to cartoonize myself, when the movie was going through a fast scene.. Wait a minute.. there was no fast scene at all in the movie! Oh yeah, this was when the DVD got stuck where there was supposed to be a song and dance sequence... lol..

Aug 20, 2010

Itch journal

Flickr's not giving me good photographs yet... So let me tell you some more of what I did all this while..
Most part of last week was spent recovering from food poisoning - I had developed rashes after having something which we are still trying to discover what.. But it was an irritating week... when I got a chance I documented it in the most colorful way one could show an itch to be! :(

Where have I been...??

Oh very much here... Very much alive! Just - have been drawing more and blogging less.. that's all :) :) To tell you frankly, I didn't miss blogging all that much either! I have been enjoying the paper a lot more!!

So these are my latest - now when I look at them, they seem to have been drawn a long long time ago lol!!

Well, have been reading some books too... And blindly trying out their exercises... Basically having fun with different topics, media and papers!! :) 

Faces!! (I don't know what to do with Ellen Page's face to caricature it! She seems to have a perfect albeit petite face!)

Some more faces.. (Do you think I have fallen in love with making faces??)
I used the photographs that were in the front page of the newspaper for all these faces...

Right now I was here to do some gesture sketches from photographs (yeah! I don't really find people around in good poses in whatever little time that I spend for a walk outside..), but the flickr page wouldn't return me good natural poses, so I thought I'll wish my blog world a Hi... So next you can expect to see some gesture studies.. Taking a cue from Alex, I am planning on visiting the library this Saturday to see if I can capture some people from life....

So long people... Thanks for remembering me all the while, and thanks for re-visiting.. lol

Aug 8, 2010

Caricature session with Madhavi

Had a wonderful time caricaturing a couple of faces today... Mads selected the face and emotion for me to draw and I selected her model face... See what we did!!
I initially wanted to draw a zombie out of this guy on top right, but he looked too decent to be one.. and you can see that confusion with his hands trying to be superhero and zombie at the same time lol...

I drew the 2 lower faces just because I had finished mine and had some time at hand while Madhavi was working on her drawing.. I have the reference images attached here (from Facial Expressions; A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon).

This is Madhavi's drawing with her reference image.. She did a pen outline too later on, but I didn't take its scan yet... I like what she has done..

And after all of that we tried to figure out how to caricature Steve Carell... I mean, what, in his face makes him him!!

Guess which one was made by whom...!!

Aug 5, 2010


No!!! Not Angelina!!! This is my very own personal salt box... I left the space on the right of the page to write something.. but was too busy to catch up with my thoughts.. so left it that way itself instead..

Aug 2, 2010

First real caricature

Yeah... portraits... and now caricature.. I am trying too many things together I guess.. or maybe not... But currently that's where my mind heads... I would like to make many more (at least till my interest lasts!!), but I need faces... I am scared of drawing caricatures of people whom I know - what if they mind!!!?

But anyway, here is my first caricature of a ready model - my dear hubby... I like the top right one the best...