Aug 21, 2010

Gesture Study


Today was a day for some gesture studies.. But... Photographs it is - the source that is.. But tomorrow I am visiting the library or Panera Bread for some real gesture study (I hope people hold out a pose long enough for a newbie like me to catch them... wishful thinking...)!

I did these following ones while watching the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai... The scenes were very quick.. could maximum catch a person in any attire and pose only for like 20 sec or so.. you can see that in whatever I drew!

yeah the last few faces are supposed to be me!! Was trying to cartoonize myself, when the movie was going through a fast scene.. Wait a minute.. there was no fast scene at all in the movie! Oh yeah, this was when the DVD got stuck where there was supposed to be a song and dance sequence... lol..


nanke's stuff said...

I think you did a great job with these gesture studies. It is hard but fun to draw real people out and about. I think you'll like it! nancy

Shalini said...

Thanks Nancy.. I loved going out and sketching today.. I should try that more often

raena said...

This is definitely a great way to practice and get your courage up!