Aug 20, 2010

Where have I been...??

Oh very much here... Very much alive! Just - have been drawing more and blogging less.. that's all :) :) To tell you frankly, I didn't miss blogging all that much either! I have been enjoying the paper a lot more!!

So these are my latest - now when I look at them, they seem to have been drawn a long long time ago lol!!

Well, have been reading some books too... And blindly trying out their exercises... Basically having fun with different topics, media and papers!! :) 

Faces!! (I don't know what to do with Ellen Page's face to caricature it! She seems to have a perfect albeit petite face!)

Some more faces.. (Do you think I have fallen in love with making faces??)
I used the photographs that were in the front page of the newspaper for all these faces...

Right now I was here to do some gesture sketches from photographs (yeah! I don't really find people around in good poses in whatever little time that I spend for a walk outside..), but the flickr page wouldn't return me good natural poses, so I thought I'll wish my blog world a Hi... So next you can expect to see some gesture studies.. Taking a cue from Alex, I am planning on visiting the library this Saturday to see if I can capture some people from life....

So long people... Thanks for remembering me all the while, and thanks for re-visiting.. lol


Anais said...

Very good work!

An Evolving Artist @ said...

I love the unusual perspective you have taken on your hand! The drawings are great!

Shalini said...