Sep 29, 2010

Another oldie - cluttered desk

Posting another old sketch that I made of my cluttered desk... My internet connection has been playing games with my time.. As a mom, there is not much free time that I get, and when I do, I either sketch or try to put up a post.. and if at that time, there is no connection, then it bugs me to the core! My updates are piling up, but I need  a different day with a lot of time at hand to tell you a story...

Sep 21, 2010

Thatha... Granpa...

Tried a portrait after a long time... Wanted to make sure I wasn't losing my portrait drawing skills... Also wanted to try out a different drawing medium.. so this one is all ball point pen..

I like it :) Should have drawn larger on a better paper.. why do I always end up saying that!!

This one's for you thatha... :)

Sep 17, 2010

Silverado - Pauses and sketches..

( on the pictures to view them larger...)

Wii pauses while watching Silverado... Watched about 33 mins of the movie in a 2.25 hr slot.. :) :) hehe.. I intended to make just gesture sketches, but looks like Wii doesn't pause for a 1 minute - it pauses for a longer period of time before it blacks out.. So I just captured whatever attracted me!

Was fun, wonder why I never did this before!!!!

Sep 10, 2010


Artist's blocks are not always bad... especially if it makes you try new things
... I should have used better paper.. or the smoother side of the paper.... 

I did this on the day after the Janmashtmi day (the day Krishna was born...) Wasn't sure what I was going to draw - all I had was an image of light in Krishna form.. and then something told me - grab the paper - grab the paints and just pour in the colors.. No outlines either..  :)

I liked throwing in all the colors and I REALLY like what it brought out on the paper... 

More gesture sketches

Some of them are from zoo, and the rest are near my house...

Sep 9, 2010


I don't remember why the journal entry got so skewed.. but there was a good enough reason...
BTW, Tanush calls donuts as 'Donta'

Sep 8, 2010

New Name

I need to change the name of my blog... Day after Day sounds as though I am tired of life and as though the same-old-stuff-keeps-repeating-day-after-day-after-day!!! Hmm... need to come up with some good ones..