May 27, 2010

Designing a new species...

I am making a new species... I mean drawing one... For the contest in DeviantArt... The rules are that it should be a combo of 2 or more different species... And no other specification... We can submit as many new species as we can think of... Except that the last date for submission is May 31 :(

So with so less time after I discovered about the contest, I am just throwing my pencils and papers on the ground and throwing myself on them, whenever it is possible to get a couple minutes... Draft sketches are here...

Will let you know when it all pulls together...

Update 1 already...

The CONTEST ends TOMORROW - May 28th!!! NOT 31st!!!!!!!!!

Update 2...

Just submitted my entry.. From next time onwards, I better find out about the contests early enough (I am not very sure if that would have helped... This time, I read, I had no time to really think about whether I can, I should do it or not.. and I plunged in!!)

Well, I still feel that my second draft was the best one among them all..

Cecheeman is a hybrid of Centipede, Cheetah and Human Being.

Animals included:
1. Human - Brain, face and some of his pairs of hands; I needed him to be intelligent!
2. Centipede - Limb appendages - that is, his hands and legs regenerate if they get sliced away from his body. Also, they stick to surfaces, but only a bit.. He has to be fast to move out so that his body weight doesn't pull him off surfaces if he's climbing one..
3. Cheetah - His lower limbs, ears, the main arm pair are those of the cheetah - making him a very fast and strong hunter.

He is a huge personality..

My final submission!! Looks fairly fine to me! With the time I had at hand, and a major re-work of the hands suggested at 12 midnight, this is a real GOOD PIECE for an hour's effort!!! :) :) I am happy with my species! I hope it is ok to post this at my blog!

This is my very first attempt at drawing anything fantasy!! Or alien!! Or mutant or the likes! I am not very find of the topics.. But hey, wasn't bad trying to come up with a new species..!

Posture study

From Tanush's photographs... I am trying to make use of whatever resources I have at hand, for the amount of time I have at my hand, at the end of the day...

May 26, 2010


Sometimes, they take too much space in our homes..

May 21, 2010

Quick Sketch

While Tanush was taking his morning nap...
It is pretty crude, since I had less time.. I still need to shade and soften the lines...
Putting this up because I don't know how long the paper and pencil shade on it will hold good.. That was a Bic pencil on a simple paper.. So I won't be surprised if it is lost to wind, weather or Tanush..

May 17, 2010

27th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

My very first Sketchcrawl.. Yippie...!!! Yes!! I made it through the sketchcrawl!!

I had been skeptical about the feasibility of a Sketch event... with a friend... Come on!! I asked Manu if he could join me. He said he could.. he would drive around and then I could draw what I saw.. Then he came up with a suggestion.. Why not call Madhavi!? She is a fabulous company for all art related events.. And the best part is, she us not crowdophobic (or whatever that's called..) - is that claustrophobic - well whatever..

I wasn't so sure, 'cause she's not been sketching at all in recent times. And so I wondered if she would join me at all.. Well, I had a whale of a time!! They were a wonderful 3 hours of going to different places and sketching.. We went to the Village of Rochester Hills, then to the Auburn Hills Library and finished it with a coffee at the nearby Starbucks.. Tanush and Dad enjoyed a good peaceful nap at home...

Along with sketchcrawl, I did some photocrawl too (hehe, with the intention that I would color all the results of the sketchcrawl.. yes.. that was the intention.., but I am uploading them in the raw form here itself..)

These are Mads' drawings... Had fun..

and a satisfied WE after the sketchcrawl...

For more drawings from participants from all other locations on this planet, visit the Sketchcrawl forum

May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Trophy!!

Look what I got on Mom's Day!? And, I gave Manu an unnecessary scowl that morning, because we were out of any kind of provisions, and had to necessarily eat our brunch outside somewhere!

May 11, 2010

New car on the block

New neighbors moving in.. or are they just new additions to an existing neighbour family? (I love English? I can just type neighbours and neighbors with neither of them being wrong!! But my English teacher wouldn't have given me marks for the US one..)

May 10, 2010

Looking Down... literally..

Oh yes, I have been trying to find every minute that I can to draw (well, I confess, leaving out the huge deal of time that I spend on the internet.. this one's a time killer!!)

This one was a quick sketch on a good kitchen tissue, looking down at myself, while I was closing the day by brushing my teeth at night. Well, I had to upload this one soon, 'cause for the past few days it has been on Tanush's hit list - he sees this loose piece of paper lying around and he has to put this into his mouth!! After all, what are kitchen tissues for if not for wiping your mouth!?

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Lucky me; I had this drawing still available to upload, and what a day to share it... Happy Mom's Day to all the moms out there...

P.S: The journal date is March 16th.. that happens to be my Father's Day (his b'day LOL)

May 6, 2010

View from our Chicago Hotel

Well, yes, that was another sudden trip to Chicago the weekend before last. This was the hotel, Double Tree, where we were put up... Amma loved that trip.. I loved it too - quite unlike all the other trips I had made to Chicago.. Well, each time the city gave me a different flavor to taste... This time it was the fog that adorned the architectural marvel of the city center.. I love that city!!

The drawing is slightly skewed... I think I should stop worrying about who's around and just draw.. Maybe then I would be able to make something good....

May 5, 2010

On our way to New York

While travelling to NY, a 7 seater minivan, positioned at the cramped back seat (for my height yes, it was cramped - I still have a backache!!), Tanush buckled up to his car seat - asleep, suddenly I was totally free and all-available to my sketchbook... Loved hurrying up to draw so much, before the night engulfed me into a dark interior..

May 4, 2010

Oops! Parking!!?

Well, yesterday morning we returned back after sending Amma off to India, at New York.. Though we reached home only by 6 am after a night full of driving, we were woken awake by Tanush by 9 am.. Sleepy though we were, we went about the day, which was a good thing to do, since that would put us into routine sooner!

Anyway, so after we woke up and showered and all the etc., we went to drop the rental car at Enterprise rent-a-car.. I followed Manu in our personal car. Well I was a confident driver, until I reached this part - the Parking! I am weak at parking on my right hand side... and there was too little space.. between the two cars on either sides and also behind. I took a few reverses and then settled down to accept that I didn't know how to park on my right side! And this was how I parked!!!! And I also turned on the distress signals!! Well, Manu came out of the office totally confused - 'Why were you parked like this!?'

I hope no one took a snap of that position, me inside the car (I dared not to come out); I hope I don't receive a mail-forward, this time with my picture as the latest addition to 'Why women can't drive a car'!!!