Feb 28, 2011

Tanush painting

Tanush painting

Lately he's been wanting to try out my watercolors.. I don't want to let him, for the same obvious reasons - not safe for him... I tried making a small palette for him on a plain white plastic palette, but he didn't really understand what that was! He thought that was a base to paint ON! And then spread all the colors on the palette...
The rest has been journaled against my painting up! :)

Feb 27, 2011



Tanush's clothes shelf.. drawn last year, colored this....!

Feb 24, 2011

Tanush's pal..

Mickey Mouse
I drew this just so he enjoys it a few years from now.. Tanush wakes up and wakes Mickey up in the same tone as a mommy scolds her son! 'Mickey Mouse...' in a high pitch monotone!
I don't think it would change even if he discovers that Mickey is about 100 years older than him!!!!

This would be a nice memory!

Feb 20, 2011

500 Faces - A friend

I am just naming it as 'Friend', because I didn't hear back from him on the picture - so I don't know whether they would like me to name them here! Well, for me it was a practice picture again! So one more face...

Feb 18, 2011

Orchids - BCF 18th Feb

Orchids - BCF 18 Feb
This week's entry for Blind Contour Friday! This was a tough one! I cheated twice :(

Feb 16, 2011

Feb 14, 2011

New ID

Phew! So finally I managed to change the name of my blog... So it is no longer 'Day After Day', but is 'Lines, Scribbles and Dots..'

I'll tell you the story.. But that and the rest of the transitions are going to take about a week more.. So stay tuned.. And don't forget to tell me what you feel about the new look...

Happy Valentine's Day!