Feb 24, 2011

Tanush's pal..

Mickey Mouse
I drew this just so he enjoys it a few years from now.. Tanush wakes up and wakes Mickey up in the same tone as a mommy scolds her son! 'Mickey Mouse...' in a high pitch monotone!
I don't think it would change even if he discovers that Mickey is about 100 years older than him!!!!

This would be a nice memory!


freebird said...

Beautiful drawing of your son. I am quite sure he'll treasure it later but so will you. I would frame it and hang it up myself as it won't be long before you are missing him at this stage. He's got years yet before he'll consider the pic a treasure.

Shalini said...

yes, true.. Thank you..
Just wanted to make a note here so I could remember much later as to how he used to talk to his toys! lol

sundaram said...

i am seeing this painting only today(8.3.2011). How wonderful this is!! i too would like to get it printed and laminated. It would be a great remembrance for tanush of his childhood. great work. i really enjoy seeing my grand son along with his pet. your commentary alongside is very interesting. raman

PG said...

Beautiful. Love all your work... but this is very touching and beautifully captured. Here though pencil jam, glad I took the time to check out your blog.