Feb 28, 2011

Tanush painting

Tanush painting

Lately he's been wanting to try out my watercolors.. I don't want to let him, for the same obvious reasons - not safe for him... I tried making a small palette for him on a plain white plastic palette, but he didn't really understand what that was! He thought that was a base to paint ON! And then spread all the colors on the palette...
The rest has been journaled against my painting up! :)


freebird said...

Nice painting of your son. He'll learn soon enough and have fun in the meantime. Just playing with the color is enough for him right now probably.

Shalini said...

Yes.. he loves to color himself and the floor, beside the paper.. But it is lovely to see him so enthusiastic about a line of color jars..

Alex said...

he seem so big now o___O time really flies I guess


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