Dec 26, 2012

Mridula and Tanush

Mridula and Tanush by teshionx

Mridula and Tanush, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
That's Tanush's best friend today.. They both go to the same school - she is in a different section of the same class.. They go to school together, come back together, and then they meet up again in the evening ..

Mridula loves to drop in and share her stories with me.. She loves to dress up well and loves it when we notice.. She loves to pose.. Tanush is more carefree and makes sure that he doesn't really pay attention to details.. He'll make sure it is as difficult as he can make it for you to draw him.. But they compete in everything.. eating, playing and even going down the stairs.. She loves to bully him! He still doesn't care! :)

She has been missing Tanush since he went to Trissur last weekend.. But she's ok with coming over and playing with Sooryansh.. Sooryansh can't say much but he loves to see her too.. Sweet kid..

Dec 24, 2012


Snooze by teshionx

Snooze, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
.. Sooryansh..
.. waiting for Santa, snuggling tightly into his pillow, to make sure Santa is caught when he tries to leave a gift under the pillow..
.. Merry X-Mas to all..

Dec 23, 2012


Flipflops! by teshionx

Flipflops!, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
I grew up calling them a pair of Chappals.. Hawai Chappals.. an even better name! There was an old ad with Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani for Lakhani Hawai Chappals.. Some people call it slippers too..

Sooryansh and Tanush

Sooryansh and Tanush by teshionx

Sooryansh and Tanush, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
Sooryansh is now 6 months old.. Tanush insisted we cut a cake for Sooryansh's half year b'day.. I have been noting small things about the boys whenever I get a chance.. sometimes with a sketch and other times without one.. I must remember that I shouldn't stop writing notes waiting for a chance to sketch..
Sooryansh resembles his dad a lot.. if you ask me! :)

Dec 18, 2012

My valuable Moleskine

Opening PagePrecious Moleskine - Spread 1Spread 2Spread 3Spread 4Spread 5
Spread 6Spread 7Spread 8Spread 9Spread 10Spread 11
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Moleskine Journal, a set on Flickr.
2009 and 2012

My valuable moleskine!!! It has seen my life through the precious 3 years of momhood.. I managed to find empty pages to journal both Tanush's early milestones as well as Sooryansh's arrival in the same book..

This moleskine had startled me at first.. With $12 as its cost, when I bought it, I just didn't want to draw anything in it..

I purchased it in 2009, a little before my elder brat arrived. I drew a little, journalled a wee bit, and brought it to India that year.. I left it here and went back to US, since I wasn't finding myself drawn to drawing much in it..
I re-discovered it here at mom's house when we moved back here, this year.. This time with the second brat in tow, I started drawing again in it..

Now it has become such a precious possession, for all little and big reasons, wonderfully filled with memories and events, I don't think $ 12 will ever matter again at all.. This is more valuable than the costliest camera that I could purchase for recording memories!!!

Dec 17, 2012


Brothers! by teshionx

Brothers!, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
I drew the lower sketch 3 yrs back, when Tanush was about 5 months old.. He used to enjoy watching me having my tea, carefully tracing the cup's journey from table to my lips.. I see, Sooryansh loves to observe the cup too! I just had to click him, because Tanush's sketch drawn 3 yrs back resembles Sooryansh more than Tanush! Now, doesn't it!?