Dec 18, 2012

My valuable Moleskine

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Moleskine Journal, a set on Flickr.
2009 and 2012

My valuable moleskine!!! It has seen my life through the precious 3 years of momhood.. I managed to find empty pages to journal both Tanush's early milestones as well as Sooryansh's arrival in the same book..

This moleskine had startled me at first.. With $12 as its cost, when I bought it, I just didn't want to draw anything in it..

I purchased it in 2009, a little before my elder brat arrived. I drew a little, journalled a wee bit, and brought it to India that year.. I left it here and went back to US, since I wasn't finding myself drawn to drawing much in it..
I re-discovered it here at mom's house when we moved back here, this year.. This time with the second brat in tow, I started drawing again in it..

Now it has become such a precious possession, for all little and big reasons, wonderfully filled with memories and events, I don't think $ 12 will ever matter again at all.. This is more valuable than the costliest camera that I could purchase for recording memories!!!

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