Jan 20, 2010


I still see him daily in this pose, reading a newspaper - I drew this sketch in Nov, soon after I landed in Mumbai... Now I feel, I could have tried drawing a portrait instead.. lol!!

Jan 18, 2010

Hindustani Music Concert

Yesterday was an interesting day... We got Tanush's ears pierced. My little baby is entering into the world of toddlership.. We normally do that for our babies on their first B'day, but I decided to get it done now and then go to US.. So, my little one got neatly dressed up for the ordeal and came along with me.. I am thankful to the man who pierced his ears - we didn't go for the gunshot kind, instead went to the Acharya-kind, where they insert a needle into an earring and then just pierce the ear fast, and then fix the screw from behind. Tanush cried when the job was being done, but soon was fine.. He looks cute :)

Evening Appa and I went to a lovely Hindustani Music Concert by Pt. Shivkumar Sharma and Ustad Zakir Husain. The concert was awesome... Thanks to dad the seating was wonderful too.Two and a half hours of bliss!!! And then we had to leave only because I didn't want to stay away from Tanush for too long..

I drew the above sketch before the show started. When the curtains were still down. And the below one, when the artists were tuning their musical instruments... I didn't have my sketchbook, and had only a ballpen, so I came home and redrew the top one from a very rough sketch, while the one below was drawn with enough time on hand..

Jan 15, 2010

Sketches in Bangalore

I didn't have my usual sketchbook.. I had taken my moleskine instead. Well, good for me and my moley.. I think now I am comfortable with it (after staying with a blank moley for an year hehe..). Here are a few sketches that I drew in Bangalore. Moleys are bad with paints so they are all B&W....

Well, that's supposed to be one of the smaller snaps of my dear late grandpa. There was a bigger portrait on the background, which I couldn't draw, due to lack of time.

This was my first sketch of this year. Stereo system at Chech's house... Too much detail.. I wouldn't want to try out something like this (hehehe), which takes more than a day's effort!!

Tanush's bath friends... He just loves the Froggie and Octopus...

Oh and this one!! One of my fondest journal entries... I had been to Infy for 4 hours.. (which became 5-6 hours, because of some of my documents were missing..) I had been worried how Tanush was handling this situation. He had never been without me before this, for so long. But he did well.. And when I returned back home, he welcomed me with lots of kisses - all without me asking for them! Heart-melting moment!!! :) :)

Jan 13, 2010

Started Drinking..

Back in Mumbai now.. I have been travelling pretty extensively - would not have been a concern if I had to travel alone. But I feel bad that Tanush has to lug around with me, poor guy, I'm sure he also must be tired of all the travel.

Well, anyway, back in Mumbai and back to my old sketchbook. This was the last entry in my sketchbook.. Brought a smile to my face.. and then I burst out laughing, at the scene which made me doodle this! I was complaining to Manu that by the end of the day I feel sluggish and tired. I knew I didn't need Multivitamins.. He suggested that maybe I am dehydrating myself through the day, since I don't seem to take time to stop and drink water.. After about 20 mins more of chatting, suddenly Manu put in a sentence - 'Shal.. You better start drinking.. That's the only thing that's going to make you feel better and lighter!' He meant water of course.. But the sentence was so appropriate for the other 'Drinks' (make you feel lighter!?), that I couldn't help but imagine this scene... :)

Today I celebrated the day with a Glass of Payasam (that's a lovely milk sweet..) and couldn't stop with one! It's Prasanna's b'day.. So Happy B'day Bro... You get yourself some nice sweet wine, and cheers to you!!!

Jan 4, 2010


I am still trying to kickstart the year..

Yeah.. I know the new year has started, but... I am yet to set up the party.. and I am yet to think about making those 'resolutions'...and I am yet to start doing things that I like to do.. including a calm, relaxing bath, of even the quick kind!! And I am yet to really start eating my regular food.. Yet to dig my head into a book/magazine... yet to look at a crossword puzzle... yet to read a newspaper for latest news!! Well, I am yet to join my husband back, though now I know that I can spend days and days like this, on the other side of the world for him... I am yet to start cooking..and cleaning..and walking... and painting my nails.. yet to pick a movie I like and watch it.. yet to start listening to songs I like... yet to live a day of my very own..

No drawings for this year too yet.. (why do I feel that the grammar has gone wrong somewhere..?)

Someone, please take me back home... or bring my home back to me!! Tanush and I are tired of living out of suitcases (rather, the one big suitcase that has all our stuff...)!