Jan 4, 2010


I am still trying to kickstart the year..

Yeah.. I know the new year has started, but... I am yet to set up the party.. and I am yet to think about making those 'resolutions'...and I am yet to start doing things that I like to do.. including a calm, relaxing bath, of even the quick kind!! And I am yet to really start eating my regular food.. Yet to dig my head into a book/magazine... yet to look at a crossword puzzle... yet to read a newspaper for latest news!! Well, I am yet to join my husband back, though now I know that I can spend days and days like this, on the other side of the world for him... I am yet to start cooking..and cleaning..and walking... and painting my nails.. yet to pick a movie I like and watch it.. yet to start listening to songs I like... yet to live a day of my very own..

No drawings for this year too yet.. (why do I feel that the grammar has gone wrong somewhere..?)

Someone, please take me back home... or bring my home back to me!! Tanush and I are tired of living out of suitcases (rather, the one big suitcase that has all our stuff...)!

1 comment:

Naarya said...

why???? what happened??!
we are waiting for your next sketch...