Aug 31, 2009

AF # 9 - Oatmeal

I hope this one is the last of the August Foodie series (I hope because I dont want to find something interesting today to draw)..
I've always loved oatmeal... Hmm, let me take some right now..

AF # 8 - Continental Breakfast

This breakfast is called the Continental Breakfast in India.. Well, if there is that Corn Flakes as well. I didnt really have this yesterday, but I chose to draw it.. I wanted to break the rules, and draw something where I didn't have any of the items!! Not even the coffee did I have yesterday. It was a tea breakfast!!!!

Aug 30, 2009

IF - Magnify

So.. why was little Meena late after play?

Aug 29, 2009

AF # 7 - Stash

I think preparing stash is one of the best gift you can give yourself on busy days.. And if you have a little one at home, you better have a lot of stash - prepare them whenever possible, so you don't have to stare at an empty fridge or pantry when you are running on zero fuel!!

Yesterday, Manu had to leave early to office - gave me enough lone time to prepare a few sandwiches for myself and stash them.. And the rest of the veggies became a salad stash which I consumed peacefully with some ranch later on in the day..

Aug 28, 2009

EDM # 2- Lamp

Today I drew this lamp.. A convenient model.. Tanush was sleeping right there, and we both had just finished wrestling with the bowl of cereal.. He was tired, and so was I.. But I couldn't lie down yet - I still had to have my lunch. So while heating my food, I drew this quickly, and painted it in the next break just as quickly...

By the way even before I finished sketching the lamp in the first break, sonny dear woke up! So it was a 3 break picture!! Thank God for all the stash that I store!!!

Aug 23, 2009

My own Giraffe

I was goint through my EDM mails, and I came across Grobuonis' blog about 1 million giraffes.. Well, Grobounis had come across this site where this person has a bet that he'll collect 1 million giraffes in two years and Grobuonis had made a lot of giraffes in funky shapes and sizes and ideas for that.. They were lovely to say the least, and definitely inspriring!!

I closed my computer thinking - if only I get some time.. My drawing has come to an almost halt these days. I used to write a diary, and after Tanush came along, I have converted that to a visual journal, where I jot down main points of the day, and then draw a picture that's somewhere right in front of me.. I paint that picture the next day, or after a month.. I really have no time for imagination and creativity right now!! Or do we need time for that?
I was walking towards the kitchen, and there it was... My raw material for my giraffe.. And see what I created and sent!!

AF # 6 - Chocolate cake with Ice Cream.. Yummm!!

I didn't want the ice cream to melt.. And more than me, my hubby was worried that his ice cream also was at stake!! I drew it on one night and then painted it much later.. In 4 installments of around one minute each..

Lonely :(

In this month's pediatrician's visit we had been adviced about how to help setting good sleep habits for Tanush. Well, I'll tell you frankly; it feel like a heartless method at times.. But, anyway, we have decided to go with what's been suggested and started on the routine.

We keep reconsidering the decision, though.. The first night, he cried a lot!! It was heartbreaking! I couldn't really take it.. I kept reconsidering the decision.. Maybe we can start a bit later... Maybe we shouldn't do it at all! After all, in our homes, it is not done that way... The baby sleeps with his parents!! Our parents are pretty against this exercise.. Actually they just can't imagine that you could do something this hurting to a baby!! And sleep time is the most peaceful time for a baby.. and now, here it is just the opposite!

What really hurts most is that Tanush is put to sleep there all by himself, and he cries alone!! And we both sit here outside - we at least have each other for company!! I hate to even take refuge in that company, while he is all alone there!!

But, if it's been doing good to this huge a population here, it should be doing good to Tanush too! and better start it at the earliest...

Well, I have to tell you, things have been improving over the past 4 days.. And it seems to be doing him good over the day time too.. At least that's what it looks like (I don't want it to deteriorate now!! Knock on wood!!)

I drew this duckie that was out of place all alone, under Tanush's crib, much like him when he goes to sleep these days..


I do a load of laundry every day. Whether any other chore around my house gets done or not, laundry and dishes have to run at least once a day. But somehow I had managed to secure a mountain of clothes this once (despite still running a load each day..)!! Clubbed under the Dark-clothes-wash-separately and Bedspreads-wash separately, they had actually piled up!

So to keep myself inspired till I finish the whole lot I had decided that I would add one cloth item to this clothes line, as I finish washing and drying it.. And so this clothesline got populated!!!

Like I mentioned in the last line, Long Live Washing Machines!!!!! ;)

Eeee... Spiders!

These guys were found in my house the other day... I sing Insy Winsy Spider for Tanush, but, please.. I don't really intend to introduce him to a Spider so soon (and definitely not on his bed!!)

Journalled right there!! :) :)

I am too lazy to type again, so scanned the whole page...

Aug 22, 2009

Missing Home...

Manu's been missing home from quite a while now.. By home, I don't mean the place he can come to every evening from work, where he can play with Tanush and sit down with us as family for his dinner and end-of-the-day catchups.. He has been missing India.. He asks me every once in a while 'Chalen kya waapas (shall we go back)?' Well, his projects are based out of India for now, and that's why that it is not practical for me to answer that question..

My husband, Manu is from the beautiful state of Kerala from India.. (Yes, that means that we both are not from the same place originally). Kerala has these beautiful sceneries in a tropical setting, where Nature glows with joy whatever be the season.. It especially comes to a pleasant joyful lushness when it is monsoon there. A lot of people who hale from there, and have lived some portion of their lives there, can't really imagine living elsewhere..

I have a very close friend from my college, Jesline, who studied with me in Bangalore, but her heart was always in Kerala. Well, after visiting her place, I couldn't imagine why it could be otherwise.. Miles and miles of lush green plantations, a royal big house, a self sufficient life, perfect 100% literacy and all your near and dear friends and relatives around you! What more can you ask for?!

This is what a traditional Kerala house looks like.. Well a portion of it.. Manu's house doesn't really look like this - it is a little more modern, but many houses in Trissur still look like this..

Aug 18, 2009

Some days are nicer than you plan for..

A page from my journal..
This is also my AF # 5..

Another brainwave

Journalled right there..

Eye shot!!

I am bad at cartooning... I know that.. That's because to start with, whenever I think I'll draw one, my mind goes so blank, I feel I am in an empty white room where the white walls run up to infinity!
But I have noticed that every once in a while I would get a static image in my brain that would be apt for a particular scene that I would be a part of at that moment.. Like this white wall that I am surrounded by (you know... ;))
So I jotted down these 2 images that cropped up in my head.. and that's how my first cartoon was born!

AF # 4 - A Cup of Joe

I didn't take my sketchbook to Starbucks.. I had had a long and quite a tiring day. I needed to unwind a bit and take some time out to feel a bit human..! I didn't really know where to go, but I drove down to the Starbucks near my house.

This was my Cappuccino with no sugar for a change. I sat down near one of the windows and kept watching the world moving slowly.. The traffic signal where every once in a while cars in one direction would stop and then pick up slowly... A slow and graceful glider in the sky.. Soft white clouds on blue sky.. People on their evening walks near the shop.. Slow slurp of coffee..

Aug 9, 2009

AF # 3 - Apple

Ok.. I did have an ice cream today. One of those drumsticks.. But doesn't look good posting too many junkie things that I consume right? So I drew an apple.. Oh yes, I had that too!! Not that I didn't have the apple.. Only thing is - that I had the apple because I selected it for the painting. (Sometimes, things work out for better, themselves!!)

AF # 2 - Veggie Burger

We had been to the doctor for Tanush.. It took a pretty long time there, and I was famished! Though the appointment was for 2 pm, I hadn't taken my lunch that day. So I asked Manu to stop for a pickup somewhere.
BK's veggie burgers are lovely.. Though I do feel guilty about eating out these days, sometimes is ok I guess :) :)
This is just the bag that the burger came in.. he he.. I ate up the burger even before we reached home! And the logo here got all spoilt!! :(

August Foodie Challenge # 1 - Nuts

I am almost all the time at home.. and even when I go out, I can't possibly draw for now. So I have a limited variety of objects that I look at each day :(

But then I thought - food is something thats going to be changing each day! So maybe I can draw on of the 'meals' that I eat, each day - or at least a part of it! I am giving myself a month of collecting food drawings.. The conditions would be:

1. I eat/drink that the same day.
2. If possible, draw the most extravagant one!! (if time and Tanush allow)
3. The 'model' can be repeated, as long as I don't copy an existing drawing or a photograph of a food eaten a few days back!!

Now what shall I call this challenge? August Foodie Challenge? Or Horlicks Drawings (because though I start drawing them when I eat, I am able to paint them or complete them only at night, when I have my final cup of Horlicks!)

Hands - EDM # 10

This is my hand.. and my son's hand.. He loves to - What my hubby likes to call - TALK TO THE HAND!! I mean, he likes to observe his or our hand, and coos to them..

Aug 1, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Thanks Brinda for nominating me for my first blogger award! :)

The Kreative Blogger Award comes with these rules :-

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on which of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated

Following the rules, here are 7 things about me:

1. I go totally blank whenever I am asked to 'talk' about myself. Yes, it happens at job interviews too :(
2. I wanted (still want to) to be a Travel Show hostess.. That way I would get to see a lot of places at no expense of mine!
3. My dreams always show me driving some sort of a wierd vehicle - it would be a Big Truck/Lorry or a bus, or a plane(!!), or a bicycle with 6 people on it, or a train!! I have even driven a submarine! I am yet to find out what my subconscious wants out of me!!
4. I don't watch television! I don't like talking on phone! And I don't really like chatting through Internet. I am more of a get-up-go-and-meet-them kind of a person..
5. I would like to build my career around drawing, colours and art.. But I am always confused how to go about it.. Where should I start! Well, I am confused about all the important things in life
6. I feel Women's-lib stuff is over rated!
7. I would like to stay active and look good well into my 80s and 90s (yes, I want to live that long!!!)

The creative heads whom I admire and would like to pass on the award to are
1. Margaret,
2. Ramya - I love your cooking,
3. Rhonda,
4. Shirley,
5. Prabhu - he doesn't have a blog, but is excellent with the camera,
6. Ghislaine and
7. Karl (for origami)..
Each of them creating enchanting arts in different media.