Aug 31, 2009

AF # 9 - Oatmeal

I hope this one is the last of the August Foodie series (I hope because I dont want to find something interesting today to draw)..
I've always loved oatmeal... Hmm, let me take some right now..


Mohan Chalam said...

which flavour do you normally have?

Linisha said...

I eat the traditional old-fashioned one.. Where you boil and boil and boil the oats in water to make it (semi)solid..

Alex said...

Simple meals are great! I sometimes just have Cherios for breakfast lunch and dinner :Þ
Thank you so much for your comment. And I am so happy that you liked the wedding invitation card. Yeah, that little Tanna and Alex is my personal touch, that I thought I would want to retain in my design too. I am not expecting people to actually pay attention to that part of the card, but if people do then they are "rewarded" with a smile for discovering somethint cute in the card ;)