Sep 7, 2009

A week goes by without color

This week was kind of slow.. Or should I say a little less on color..? Oh no, life was as colorful as usual... What I meant was no colors in my sketches. That's because, I did most of these sketches at midnight, with the lights off..! I couldn't Not-Draw in my sketchbook :)

By the nightstand
drew this while chatting with my parents on phone
Drew this on this Saturday. We had come back from the Passport Office with the job unfinished.
Manu on XBOX 360 - Our trip to India got a go-ahead in his office.. Yahhhoooo!!!


Connie said...

I like the black and white and I admire you for squeezing in drawing even when you feel you don't have time. The black and white is very effective.

Aurileide Alves said...

I like your b&w sketches. They remind me that sometimes there´s no time to paint and maybe that is the better way to say it´s done. Great work.