Oct 21, 2014

Still Life

Aug 27, 2014

Wrong Attire

The wrong attire
This was a journal entry from some 5 years back, I stumbled upon today.. when Tanush was a baby and I was visiting my mom in Mumbai.. Some girl had assumed I was the nanny and not the mom of the baby and she spoke with me in a stylized Marathi. I came back home and looked into the mirror and knew what would have prompted her.. Nannies come really 'neatly' dressed these days (neat, in my mom's language). More importantly, mostly, they are the ones seen with the kids these days. Moms in urban India are rarely ever seen taking their kids out to play or even for a walk...

Aug 22, 2014



Nothing beats the want to draw faces.. And kids are always such a delight to draw... Tanvi is my DH Manu's niece with lively eyes and a quick smile.. She loves to meet people and to dress up.. 

Aug 21, 2014

Peanut Butter Thief

Peanut Butter Thief

Long time ago, a little boy named Krishna stole butter from his kitchen, where the butter was stored in pots hanging from the ceiling..
Not so long ago, a little boy named Sooryansh was caught stealing peanut butter after raiding through the fridge in his own house...

Most of it drawn live. Expression refined from photograph later.
watercolor on cartridge paper

Aug 18, 2014

Shops @ Marathahalli

Shops @ Marathahalli

View from our building top. The road and shops across the road. 
Tools: Ballpen and light watercolor on cartridge paper.

Drawn more than an year back.. I had trouble trying to get things into an order as soon as my new laptop came. Then the softwares.. Then the scanner.. Then the time (the biggest roadblock).. Then the fear of reappearing online.. Why do we feel so guilty when we are absent for some time, and would like to relaunch our presence?! 

Apr 15, 2014

Brothers Painting

Brothers painting
I am posting after a long time! Talk about prioritizing my tasks and time.
Tanush and Sooryansh may soon take over the brush from me.. for, whenever I pull out my paints, they stand with their faces in my paintbox waiting to dip in their own brushes.. Sooryansh likes to just wade his brush in the tub of water - the muddier the better. Tanush is a little more serious, well, at 5 he wouldn't be interested in the mud as much as the colorful pages he can create..!
Oh and Sooryansh calls painting as 'tattoo' for that's what Tanush lets me do with my paints whenever he and his friends are at home. 

Feb 19, 2014


Haircut by Linisha
Haircut, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
After months of trying to fit in a trip to Tirupati to offer his baby hair to the Lord we finally gave in to the weather and comfort call and gave Sooryansh a good first haircut. We saved his cut hair in a bag too, to be offered at Tirupati whenever we go there.. He is relieved!!

Feb 14, 2014

The Pet

The Pet by Linisha
The Pet, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
Tanush and his stuffed puppy - Scouty!

Feb 3, 2014


Brothers by Linisha
Brothers, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
Tanush and Sooryansh playing a game on my laptop.. Tanush lets Sooryansh try his hand too at whatever he is playing at the moment..

Graphite on journal paper

Feb 2, 2014


Kareenacature by Linisha
Kareenacature, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.

What should you do when you are watching a boring episode of Koffee with Karan? Draw the celebrity guest who's just as bored as you are! And then, pass on your pencil to let your little son try to draw her face, right next to your drawing..
(I like how she always looks so pink-pink)

Jan 31, 2014

Tiny feet

Tiny feet by Linisha
Tiny feet, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
These tiny feet are what I have been busy with, in these past so many days of being MIA.. Sooryansh sure has a marathon on mind, 'cause he runs, yes.. and then he keeps us ALL running on our toes, all the time! But it's got its rewards.. He loves to cling on..