Sep 11, 2013

Steel plate

Steel plate by Linisha
Steel plate, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.

something I drew last year...

Sep 5, 2013


Restaurant by Linisha
Restaurant, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.

My brother and I got into a discussion about how this restaurant used to be H2O not so long ago - until March this year.. and he didn't really know that the restaurant on top of this one - the terrace restaurant also ceased to exist around the same time.. Now it is a plain terrace with a new board on top.. something that I always keep wondering when I'll get to sketch..

Sep 3, 2013


Inhaler by Linisha
Inhaler, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.

I am always scared of these treatments for Tanush.. I get worried whenever he starts coughing even a bit.. He seemed to be coughing today morning, I am just hoping it was a stuck in throat trouble and not a real cough..!

Sep 2, 2013

Happy New Year.. oops b'day

Happy New Year.. oops b'day by Linisha

Happy New Year.. oops b'day, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
High time I posted this - before the lady on the absolute left takes her bridal vows... I wonder what took me so long to post the 1st Jan sketch.. Maybe the date seemed a little too important to be posted on a mundane regular day.. But I like how I managed to capture everything that was special that day...

And today is Swetha's birthday (the lady on the extreme left), so it just makes perfect sense.. Here's where you might have seen her before - Swetha's Profile :) :) Happy B'day girl!