Mar 13, 2015

Baby Coconuts

Baby Coconuts

Mar 10, 2015

Fixing the Unfix-able

Fixing the unfixable

It all started with wanting to sketch.. A terrible itch to sketch just about half hour before I had to go and bring back Tanush from his bus stop. Half an hour seems a good amount, if you don't have to spend the first 5 mins trying to find your supplies and the last 5 mins attending to your younger one's call to attend nature's call.. Nature seems like a good subject to sketch too with the afternoon sun lining the edges in lovely silver. 

I started the sketch in my person journal that's filled with (horrible) cartridge paper. Quick quick quick was my mantra.. A light satisfying pencil outline.. 
Some more detail.. 
Hmm something wrong.. Fix!! 
Not blending!!
Yucky paper! I'll never forgive you for it!
Oops brush stroke on the careful silver lining! Oh well!! As though the rest of the painting was supporting it in any way!!
Now the paper's turn to not forgive me! It bled to the other side! 

"Maaa!!! You wann go poopy?" (that's my 2 yo's way of saying that HE needs to attend nature's call)

A quick dash here and there, I left the painting in its sorry state and went and picked up Tanush.. 
After we came back, Tanush looked at it ans asked, 'Ma, haven't you written anything on this page? What about your today's journal?' It was too sad a page to even see it once more. But oh well.. I just thought I'll scribble about all the mistakes I made to make this classic masterpiece.. 

I don't think it looks bad anymore!!

Cat and the Art of Ignoring

Cats and the art of ignoring..

We all could take some lessons from Cats.. If they don't want to see you, they will not see you. They'll roll their heads, look in your direction, and look right through you, but never will they see you even by mistake; if they won't want to.. 
Never will they put on a show like, 'Ah!! How did I miss you standing there!?' That's for us humans.. 
A cat will proudly sit right in front of you, proclaim in his majestic silence that you are trespassing his territory and that it will never be the other way round.. 
A snob!
He'll make you wish that you'd better vanish somehow than be humiliated this way!
And the puny domestic cat is not even the King - that's for a bigger cat - But he'll hold the airs of one!

Now, that's the kind of a fierce feline egotism (read self esteem) that we sometimes need for ourselves..