Dec 31, 2010

Blind Contour Friday # 5

Blind Contour Drawing - Manu Reading
This is what I drew this week.. Actually I still need to draw one for this Friday.. 
Here's Manu, reading his ebook on Nook... He's been kind of hooked on to the nook ever since it came home! Well, at least I don't have to move bulky books here and there!

Well, all that staring distracted him so much that as soon as I finished drawing a blond contour, he took my sketchpad and drew a blind contour of me!!
I pretty often end up drawing him, when I am just too uninspired by everything else.. 
Manu's Blind Contour Drawing - ME!!!

BTW, I am the featured artist in Peggy Stermer-Cox's Blind Contour Friday this week.. Come and visit us, a group of people who every now and then, let our hands and eyes take control of the page - only, the eyes are responsible for seeing the subject and the hand is entirely responsible for taking care of the drawing.. It is fun!

Thanks Peggy...

Dec 30, 2010

Inception Graphic Comic Cover contest - the Bikers

Riders - Final version
I drew up a couple of bikers to be placed at the center of the cover for the Graphic Comic cover contest in deviantArt.
So here is my step by step on the bikers.
Riders - Initial cleaned up sketch
I started off with just an idea in my head of having two bikers race across the page, while the page in itself should have a black or a gray background. I looked up a few race pictures and drew the initial draft. I had to modify them in accordance with what the script needed - the Mohawk helmet and things.. I had to give the guy behind a sword too, but that came to my mind pretty late! I was finally not very happy with my Samurai sword either!
Riders - Coloring WIP
Coloring the guy in the front black! It was fun! I haven't really tried painting in Gimp before. and this was amazingly awesome..
Riders - Colored and cleaned up
Next was to color the guy behind in flamboyant colors. I chose to stick to red alone and not play with the other colors.. By now I was in love with painting and shading in gimp.. I kept wanting to get back to painting the pic even while I was doing some other chores around the house.. I had to give the guy a face..
Riders - Colored riders with perspective
Added some perspective. Two reasons - to give the impression of depth, yes.. and then I really wanted the guy in front to come out of one background into another - like they were 2 separate worlds..
Riders - Final version
And this is the final version of the bikers. I had to cook up the background. The backdrop is supposed to be Ginza street in Tokyo. I had to look up a photograph and sketch it out directly in Gimp, since I hadn't drawn that initially.. I was pretty sure that I was going to mess this whole thing up. But I surprised myself in the end LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! :)

Dec 29, 2010

Inception Graphic Comic Cover contest

Phew finally, inception off my shoulders!

I just finished uploading my submissions to the 'Inception: The Big Under Graphic Comic Cover Art Contest'. I had been drawing and drawing and drawing the main guys from Inception. I rented the DVD to watch the movie once more. After drawing quite some poses, seemed to me that the ones I wanted to use were the straight ones! But anyway, here are my roughs, and finished characters
Cobb Study1- DVD
Ken Watanabe Study - Photograph
Inception bug - Arthur facial studyInception bug again - Arthur (again)Inception - Arthur again
Inception - Saito study

Dec 17, 2010

Some random drawing pages...

Tanush's Hand

Handmade Stand

Drawer Contents
Haven;t been able to complete some, haven't been able to upload some...

Dec 16, 2010

500 Faces - Sairam

This is one of the friendliest and genuine guys you can meet...
Name: Sai.. Sairam
Know him from: My kid brother's friend.. 
Know him for: Hmm, he's like family.. You know, he's one of my brother's real good childhood buddies.. the ones whom you carry along in sometimes in person, sometimes in good memories and hope, throughout your life..! So that makes him like a younger brother for me... :) 

Dec 10, 2010

Blind Contour Friday # 4

Here's mine for this week... I started with the tree - but it had too much detail.. so went to draw my pen holder instead...I like the spread, the way it turned out.

Dec 8, 2010

Bizarre Foods

Faces drawn while watching Bizarre Foods
While watching Bizarre Foods, you may get inspired to get creative on your own.. Especially if the food is really bizarre!! This is what I did!!!

And then I started looking out the window.. Saw a couple of people walking... And then I slowly just dozed off... only to be woken up by a fresh awake Tanush! Manu couldn't help laughing..

Dec 7, 2010

500 Faces - Ganesh

Name: Ganesh
Know him from: Work
Know him for: Very warm personality... A pretty wife... Atul... He is almost like an elder brother for Manu; we have always missed them since they went back to India :( .. Beautiful family - God bless them!

Dec 6, 2010

500 Faces - Vivek

Name: Vivek
Know him from: Work
Know him for!! : His smile.. Very glorious...

Dec 3, 2010

500 Faces - Sumanth

Name: Sumanth
Know him from: College
Will never forget him for: His smile, friendliness, the gudbud ice cream challenge, our project days...

Yeah, I know I am posting one post too much for the day, but really, I want to!

Meet Sumanth.. my very sweet friend from college.. I had to draw him - just had to - coz I got in touch with him after a real long time.. And it was such fun chatting with him.. He hasn't changed a bit! I was actually very happy that day, I got in touch with 3 very close friends of mine, including Sumanth. I need to find photographs of Jes and Poornima..

Blind Contour Friday # 3

Manu's Gloves...
I have noticed.. even if I discipline my eyes to stay focused and just take the path that the contours take, slowly... they still squint up and start looking at the whole picture! And it happens like 50 odd times in a simple picture like this one!

500 Faces - Abhinava

Face 3
Name: Abhinava
Know him from: Work

Dec 2, 2010

500 Faces - Amith

Name: Amith
Know him from: Work
Forever smiling.. Pleasant :)

I very badly need to change the name of my blog.. God knows what I was thinking when I picked up that name!


Practice sketch... :)