Dec 3, 2010

500 Faces - Sumanth

Name: Sumanth
Know him from: College
Will never forget him for: His smile, friendliness, the gudbud ice cream challenge, our project days...

Yeah, I know I am posting one post too much for the day, but really, I want to!

Meet Sumanth.. my very sweet friend from college.. I had to draw him - just had to - coz I got in touch with him after a real long time.. And it was such fun chatting with him.. He hasn't changed a bit! I was actually very happy that day, I got in touch with 3 very close friends of mine, including Sumanth. I need to find photographs of Jes and Poornima..


raena said...

I recently reconnected with a friend from my past too. Such a great feeling, isn't it!!

Alex said...

I've been unable to reconnect with my friends in Ireland and Scotland because I lost one of my email accounts, it made me really sad :(

Shalini said...

@Raena: You bet!!!
@Alex: Aw!! That's bad...But you never know.. You may reconnect with them some later date, through some other means - I reconnected with quite a few old friends through Facebook.. And it feels very good!! It is a great feeling!

Naarya said...

checking blogs after a really long time. all the caricatures have come out very well. love ur work!

Shalini said...

Thanks Brinda.. :) Welcome back.. I know it would be difficult right now to be able to check other blogs while you update yours.. It's only getting more and more difficult for me LOL!!


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