Jun 24, 2015

Messy Bed

The Messy Bed
Among all of the 'Everything' that I try to draw, this one - not particularly this same bed, but the topic - has been drawn quite a few times.. All the time, messy! I've never ever drawn a cleaned up bed in my house.. Not sure whether it is because I have never felt like drawing a clean one, or because it is so difficult to find a clean one. Ooops, did I open my mouth too wide?

Jun 12, 2015


Here is the painting that I made for the Temple. 

Krishna, the nurturer.

Krishna, is usually shown as a naughty little boy. 
Many times, as Gopi-Krishna, he can be seen dancing with gopis.
Gopala Krishna is another popular face where Krishna is depicted as a cowherd.
I wanted to draw another angle to his personality. What better, than to draw Krishna as a tender nurturer, to depict an idea that sparked on the event of Sooryansh's Annaprasanam

When we had been to Guruvayoor for Sooryansh's Annaprasanam, way back in 2013, I had this feeling that I should paint something to give to the Temple. For the ones who are not familiar with the term, the ceremony of feeding the first solid morsel - usually rice - to our child is called Annaprasanam, in Hindu culture. It is one of the samskaras that every human is expected to perform.

Ever since, I had been planning on what I should make. I knew it had to be watercolor, for I love the romance of it. I knew also, that it should be a theme that I have never seen anywhere. Hence, this little boy Krishna, with a look of care and love, feeding this little baby. Just like we believe as under the watchful care of the Lord in the Temple. 

I worked on this project when the kids had gone to their grandma's place, this year. Since it was made specifically for the Temple, I didn't want to share a print kind version of it. The little one is at home - it was a miniature one for color practice.

(Watercolor on A3 size CP watercolor paper)