Mar 30, 2011

Chats and Tea

Morning tea and chats - in Denver

Mar 18, 2011

Plein Air Portraits!

Anand  Nidhish
I took my sketchbook to Denver, when we visited Meg last month... And then I just made use of every available opportunity to pull it out.. Didn't even try to think about what they'd all think... Ok... I accept - I did think about that, and did feel nervous initially.. But then once the sketchbook was out and everyone came to know that there was a sketchbook in use somewhere, I didn't feel conscious anymore!

Anand and Nidhish were kind enough to pose for me for a plein air portrait session! And this was the first time I was trying something like this.. Till now, it would be usually Manu whose face I would just like line-draw, and other than him, it would be Tanush.. This one was different! They were almost like public!!!! :)

Mar 7, 2011

Self Portrait - Completed! :)

So here it is....
Braving all my fears! 
Self Portrait - Completed!

This is what I am going to mail to Julia Kay's Portrait Party... Not a masterpiece, but, hey, it's a start! I am actually feeling quite proud that I made an attempt in watercolor - something I have been always scared of...!!!! (I am sure it is ok to pat oneself in the back...! :) :) )

Mar 5, 2011

Self Portrait :)

Working towards drawing a self portrait, to send it across to Julia Kay's Portrait Party...
We are supposed to send in a self portrait and another portrait of a person whom we have sketched.. More details go to Julia Kay's discussion here.
I decided to do a watercolor self portrait! I wonder why!! Have a look at the various stages:

1. The cleaned up pencil outline..
Guess who - III

2. Watercolor washes stage - 1
Guess who - II

3.  Watercolor washes stage - 2
Guess who!!!

Ok.. I am now scared to do anything more.. I feel frozen now! This is good so far (I think)...
but very incomplete! More than anything, that eye is an eyesore! But I am scared to make even a mark more..
I've been staring at it ever since, and now I am going to drop my brush and go to sleep... maybe I'll get the courage tomorrow... Good night people..

Mar 3, 2011



This guy has become Tanush's favorite.. he's a nice small guy who barks (yips) when you drop him or hit him on the head..
Our worry is - Tanush shouldn't try to pat another dog's head hoping to hear some friendly Yip-yips!

Mar 2, 2011

Lightbulb study...

Light Bulb
I drew a gesture and a blind contour study also, before I drew up this piece in pencil