Mar 18, 2011

Plein Air Portraits!

Anand  Nidhish
I took my sketchbook to Denver, when we visited Meg last month... And then I just made use of every available opportunity to pull it out.. Didn't even try to think about what they'd all think... Ok... I accept - I did think about that, and did feel nervous initially.. But then once the sketchbook was out and everyone came to know that there was a sketchbook in use somewhere, I didn't feel conscious anymore!

Anand and Nidhish were kind enough to pose for me for a plein air portrait session! And this was the first time I was trying something like this.. Till now, it would be usually Manu whose face I would just like line-draw, and other than him, it would be Tanush.. This one was different! They were almost like public!!!! :)

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