Mar 3, 2011



This guy has become Tanush's favorite.. he's a nice small guy who barks (yips) when you drop him or hit him on the head..
Our worry is - Tanush shouldn't try to pat another dog's head hoping to hear some friendly Yip-yips!


Sue Pownall said...

Great page. You've captured great textures and colours in the dog.

I agree with your worry and hope he doesn't pat dogs' heads, he may get a different type of yip.

jill said...

He is a great little dog, lets hope they are all friendly dogs he pats the heads of. Mine loves children patting her head. Your lunch looks lovely and healthy too

freebird said...

Great pages. It's fun to see what others eat for lunch. Did you serve this over rice or eat it with bread?

The toy sounds like one my dogs would love, lol. They love squeaky toys too.

Alex said...

awesome colors and lines =) I wonder how could I have missed all your recent posts??


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