Mar 5, 2011

Self Portrait :)

Working towards drawing a self portrait, to send it across to Julia Kay's Portrait Party...
We are supposed to send in a self portrait and another portrait of a person whom we have sketched.. More details go to Julia Kay's discussion here.
I decided to do a watercolor self portrait! I wonder why!! Have a look at the various stages:

1. The cleaned up pencil outline..
Guess who - III

2. Watercolor washes stage - 1
Guess who - II

3.  Watercolor washes stage - 2
Guess who!!!

Ok.. I am now scared to do anything more.. I feel frozen now! This is good so far (I think)...
but very incomplete! More than anything, that eye is an eyesore! But I am scared to make even a mark more..
I've been staring at it ever since, and now I am going to drop my brush and go to sleep... maybe I'll get the courage tomorrow... Good night people..


freebird said...

I hope you find the courage to keep going. You are doing great so far. How about working the eyes then since the one is bothering you. Put the iris in so she comes to life. You are so far into this. Don't stop now!

Sandra said...

A good night's sleep solves many design problems. Remember, this is a piece of paper. I know that you don't want to do it over, but you must try to complete this!

Alex said...

Woaah... this is awesome! =) Love the stages too

Krista Meister said...

I'm with Alex - great progress and love the results!

Shilpa said...

Wonderful... nicely done.