Sep 11, 2009

Can't think of a title for this..

We finally applied for Tanush' passport.. We had been planning about it since quite some time, but due to Manu's real thick schedule, we had not been able to do anything about it.. Now too, we have applied for the faster one (more money; I am so sad :( )

There was this cute little building called 'Catching Fireflies' - supposedly and arts and crafts store.. they have a lovely looking building! So I had to draw that!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sketching our lovely store! We hope to meet you sometime:) We shared your sketch on our blog too -

Alex said...

Catching fireflies is such a good name! :) And of course it's complimented even more by your beautiful sketch.
The sketch of Tanush is absolutely adorable. I just miss my nephews and niece so much now :( GOod luck with the passport thingy!

Gary said...

Great pages Linisha. I love how the store found you! and posted your sketch. Lovely building and wonderful drawing. I'm really into your drawing the early moments of your child's and your lives together.