Jan 13, 2010

Started Drinking..

Back in Mumbai now.. I have been travelling pretty extensively - would not have been a concern if I had to travel alone. But I feel bad that Tanush has to lug around with me, poor guy, I'm sure he also must be tired of all the travel.

Well, anyway, back in Mumbai and back to my old sketchbook. This was the last entry in my sketchbook.. Brought a smile to my face.. and then I burst out laughing, at the scene which made me doodle this! I was complaining to Manu that by the end of the day I feel sluggish and tired. I knew I didn't need Multivitamins.. He suggested that maybe I am dehydrating myself through the day, since I don't seem to take time to stop and drink water.. After about 20 mins more of chatting, suddenly Manu put in a sentence - 'Shal.. You better start drinking.. That's the only thing that's going to make you feel better and lighter!' He meant water of course.. But the sentence was so appropriate for the other 'Drinks' (make you feel lighter!?), that I couldn't help but imagine this scene... :)

Today I celebrated the day with a Glass of Payasam (that's a lovely milk sweet..) and couldn't stop with one! It's Prasanna's b'day.. So Happy B'day Bro... You get yourself some nice sweet wine, and cheers to you!!!


Owl Eng said...

Nice sketch!! love your thoughts too. it's very delightful

Naarya said...

yeah!! me echo above comment. very "lightly" drawn and kinds art deco!