Jan 15, 2010

Sketches in Bangalore

I didn't have my usual sketchbook.. I had taken my moleskine instead. Well, good for me and my moley.. I think now I am comfortable with it (after staying with a blank moley for an year hehe..). Here are a few sketches that I drew in Bangalore. Moleys are bad with paints so they are all B&W....

Well, that's supposed to be one of the smaller snaps of my dear late grandpa. There was a bigger portrait on the background, which I couldn't draw, due to lack of time.

This was my first sketch of this year. Stereo system at Chech's house... Too much detail.. I wouldn't want to try out something like this (hehehe), which takes more than a day's effort!!

Tanush's bath friends... He just loves the Froggie and Octopus...

Oh and this one!! One of my fondest journal entries... I had been to Infy for 4 hours.. (which became 5-6 hours, because of some of my documents were missing..) I had been worried how Tanush was handling this situation. He had never been without me before this, for so long. But he did well.. And when I returned back home, he welcomed me with lots of kisses - all without me asking for them! Heart-melting moment!!! :) :)

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Naarya said...

awwww... sweet boy tanush :)