Dec 26, 2012

Mridula and Tanush

Mridula and Tanush by teshionx

Mridula and Tanush, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
That's Tanush's best friend today.. They both go to the same school - she is in a different section of the same class.. They go to school together, come back together, and then they meet up again in the evening ..

Mridula loves to drop in and share her stories with me.. She loves to dress up well and loves it when we notice.. She loves to pose.. Tanush is more carefree and makes sure that he doesn't really pay attention to details.. He'll make sure it is as difficult as he can make it for you to draw him.. But they compete in everything.. eating, playing and even going down the stairs.. She loves to bully him! He still doesn't care! :)

She has been missing Tanush since he went to Trissur last weekend.. But she's ok with coming over and playing with Sooryansh.. Sooryansh can't say much but he loves to see her too.. Sweet kid..

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Haddock said...

Love your drawings.
You do notice small details.