Feb 7, 2013

The view outside

The view outside by Linisha

The view outside, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
I painted this small scene as a view from inside my uncle, Sridhar Mama's car. We were listening to the cassette that my grandpa had recorded with our voices when we were very young! Sridhar Mama still owns that treasure, and he was sharing those memories by playing the cassette in his car stereo!

The streets lit with incandescent streetlamps, it seemed like the cool green trees next to my mom's house wore a more warm black-green that day.
Sridhar Mama keeps pink lotuses on the dashboard of his car. They too lost their cool colors giving way to a more sepia appearance.

Interestingly, the steering wheel still held a cool feel to it - thanks to internal light! No, there were no lights lit inside the car - just the light from inside reflected by the silver interior colors..

The painting is actually a small part of a journal page. I was quite unprepared for how I should handle the subject. I didn't want to put in time to plan it either - so short of time I was... But, here's the journal page (minus the notes that I put in later - much later!!)

The view outside - full page

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