Feb 8, 2013

Baby brother napping

Baby brother napping by Linisha

Baby brother napping, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
Sooryansh came to drop Tanush to his bus stop.. Tucked in the cozy kangaroo pouch, he loved looking at the huge traffic whizzing past on the big road.

Big brother was mighty excited that his baby brother was coming all the way to drop him.. He insisted that Sooryansh watches him when he alights the bus. He boarded the bus and said 'Bye' to Sooryansh - he doesn't really care to look back and say bye to me!

On his way back Sooryansh dozed off and remained asleep till I could get home, draw him looking down, and finish a couple of chores.. I should do this more often I guess..

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